Headcoach drill 7: the act of keeping your head up whenever you are with the ball courtesy Andre Gray's football acedemy (Agfacedemy)

in agfacademy •  last month

Welcome to another episode of the drill showcase by headcoach. It is really amazing when performing ball control dribbling drill being 3rd time of performing this wonderful drill.

Ball control dribbling really helped me to move the ball around two or more opponent before giving out the ball to my players and with this task now I can dribble between two or more opponent which it is tested and okay and with this drill it's really help me in achieving that set goal. With the continuous training, Am now love the way I get myself in good position before dishing out the great control towards the ball

I promise to improve more better next time.

I just want to use this medium to say thank you to Andre Gray, the man behind this great project for giving us support towards agfacedemy. I am also saying a big thank you to Oracle-d for the support they are rendering to the steem blockchain.

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