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RE: Introducing Steem, Oracle-D and Agfacademy to Young Footballers That Need Supports – Earn for Playing Football With AGFACADEMY

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Wow this is some amazing stuff you got going on here guys, I really look forward to seeing your individual drills.
Great initiative keep it up.


Greetings Andre Gray!

On behalf of the decentralized football academy, and @oracle-d, we wish you a happy new year, and thank you for your recognition and words of encouragement!

The team was thrilled to know you watched our practice drills with a blessing of approval! We will continue to put forth our absolute very best efforts, while maintaining an active presence posting practice sessions, as well as new ideas from the team and partners.

Have a great new year Andre Gray!

Thanks Andre for your support! We have started posting drills from the team individuals.

Great to see your support on such a new and unconventional project. I hope that going forward it turns into something new and special that can do a lot of good.