#AGFAcademy Curation Digest from 03 Jan, 2019

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Welcome To The Daily #AGFAcademy Curation Digest

Hello Trainees, Team Andre is here to show you some of the top performing posts under the #AGFAcademy tag. This is not to say that the posts not featured on this blog are not doing well enough. Instead, it is only a means to show other trainees (new trainees) what a normal #AGFAcademy post should look like.

What To Expect!

The contest we talked about will be coming shortly and before then, we will be uploading some posts to show you how to make excellent videos using free and relatively cheap mobile interfaces, such as; FilmoraGo and PowerCam. You may want to download one or both of them before we upload that tutorial post in a couple of days.



AGFA Break.png

Showing The AGF Academy Drill #2 (Control and Passing) To Street Kids

Author: @macspeaks
Link: https://steemit.com/agfacademy/@macspeaks/rkdfczu-teaching-and-practicing-the-agfacademy-instep-pass

AGFA Break.png

Andre Gray will deliver the most important components of formal football training to talented and passionate players of football all over the world using the STEEM blockchain.

All you need to do to get involved;

  1. Visit AGFacademy
  2. Watch the first drills & skills video uploaded by Andre.
  3. Practice the drill.
  4. And then record a video of yourself performing the drill.
  5. Upload the video to either YouTube or DTube.
  6. Then visit the AGFacademy website again, log into the portal, and paste your video link. You can also use the portal to add text and other images to your post. You can also include a personal thank you message for Andre to read.
  7. Ensure that you use the #agfacademy in order to qualify for upvotes from Andre.

You can also assist in increasing the number of beneficiaries by sharing the post on your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.

This is a hint to what an excellent AGFA video should look like;

  1. Say hello to Andre.
  2. Introduce yourself.
  3. Open by stating that you are doing this for AGFacademy and close by thanking Andre personally.
  4. Record footage of yourself doing the drills in the instruction video (best if you get a friend to handle the camera for you).
  5. Add the AGFacademy logo to your video and blog.

Rules for Upvotes

If your video is fun/interesting and of high quality, it will definitely receive an upvote from Andre Gray. The very best videos might even receive much larger upvotes also called the “Premiership Upvote” from Andre. The videos could also be re-shared on Andre’s own social media handles.

Thank you for reading, keep looking forward to more drill from Andre as we progress or kindly visit the links below to find out more about Andre Gray Football Academy.

AGFacademy Website

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Thanks @agfacademy for supporting the children in this beautiful sport.


It's a great pleasure @sc-v