It's Weekend in this Bisssshhh!! TIMAYA Overload!

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You guessed right, I went out today. And as always, I never miss to grab myself a bottle of wine when I do. I Promise I am not an alcoholic, just a very passionate wine enthusiast!

Today I grabbed this $7 wine, I think I have tasted better cheaper wine before, but it will do for this Weekend!

Clearly this post is on right? :D That's because I wanna share with you guys what I am currently dancing to, LITERALLY,...

I am such a huge dancehall lover! So you can bet that is what tonight is all about. And I most definitely want to share with you one of my all time fave artists in this category, Timaya....... Not Quite sure, but I think he is Nigerian, judging from his pidgin. OMG He has such great Music!

Here's some of my personal fave that I am currently going back & forth at...

WOYO- Is a club banger of all time! Like when this goes up everybody wakes the eff up!

Did Somebody say Hit or HIT!!!! I Freaking Love this song!!

If you are not dancing by now you clearly have no taste in DH Music :D
Oh man, I think one of my bucket list to do things is to attend one of Timaya's concerts! He's not as popular as he deserves, but I am certain he will get there! Such great talent!

This next song is not by Timaya, but it equally fits in this theme! Love it!

Back to Basics!


I am really trying to limit myself to only 5 songs, but at this rate I can't help it! You guys, West African Music is so dope!


I think that's about enough. Probably not a lot of you will relate to this kind of music, but it's so darn good! You are totally missing out :D And I don't say that lightly.


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Great thing

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You know what I like about the Afro beatz, it is always positive and usually about flirting , kinda lovy dovy. I think
That makes I universal. I think Jamaicans are learning from that ... slowly . Too many new artiste from Jamaica deh pon “ bad man ting”

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