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Question: What is your best African meal?

Please drop your comments below!
Welcome to today's share on our Save Africa 🌍 series. While I will leave you to decide which jollof is better (recall the 'Naija/Ghana jollof saga'😂), it is high time we appreciate our style of dishes. There is a lot of value in many of our meals and we have to realise and maximise them. Today we will be looking at the richness of some typical meals of African style, particularly this time I will analyse the renown, Jollof rice!


Jollof rice, besides the fact that in most Western African settings it is traditionally used as a major delicacy for celebrations and in public gatherings for refreshment, it is rich in several nutritional values. Let us take a look at some;


Now you see so many reasons why we need to appreciate what we have in Africa! We also have so many other delicious and highly nutritional meals in Africa...
Please go ahead and let's appreciate the values we have for African dishes.
Maybe you can help us mention your African delicacies!


also appreciating the motivation from @air-clinic @tojukaka @nairadaddy @ejemai @drigweeu @dhavey @japfive et al



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So guys! What's your favorite? 😊

Thanks alot miller. You can tell us perhaps you have tasted African delicacies as well.

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Africa is really blessed with food. Those I know that have been to other continent have testified!
Nice of you to have shared this!

😁 Yea dear! Indeed we do. Thanks for your comment. What would be your own best African meal?

Paaapp ( ksheema) ❤️❤️

Really! What does that food contain or the ingredients please? 😊

It's made of Maize 💓💓 it's called Maize meal. I bet you know this's white , my best friends always make it and I love it Soo much ❤️❤️

Wow!! 😉👍 glad you do dear. I have maize meals too. They're awesome! Thanks for this.


I had some Nigerian friends back in 2014 who could really make a mean jollof!
They taught me how but I'm not sure I can remember it well. Brings back so many memories...And the fried meat with pepper soup...Lord😍

Hahahah😁 of course it is obvious you have had some great experience of it. Well don't worry sooner or later you may just pick up the skills

If I'm diligent enough to practice, how about you do us a detailed recipe next time 😁

Wow! Great idea dear.. I'd consider it at some point. ✌😉

cool and lovely delicious. weldone bro.

Thanks Doc. You're always welcome here o

i have never eaten a African homemade meal i would deffo try yours out tho!

😊 o that would be nice, You would love it.. Maybe if you got any African restaurant around you could have you some of our delicacies

i tell you what if i see a African restaurant ill get a picture of the menu for you to see buddy. Anything you recommend i should try? if i happen to stumble across a place one day?

😁 okay then. That sounds great. 👏

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O that is amazing! Thank you so much.
We appreciate and will take a look.

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