Today's Weed News for May 21st 2018 #AFRICA

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For today's weed news we go all the way to Africa.

It is being reported that South Africa just open the continent's first medical marijuana dispensary.

Well, kind of...

The dispensary is currently home to a traditional South African healer and also plans to hire a chiropractor as well as a house physician. But the Durban-based MMJ establiahment does not actually sell any THC containing products at this moment. The reason? South Africa has not yet legalized medical marijuana.

Kirithi Thaver, a rep for the "dispensary" (and I use quotations here because of their not actually dispensing any real MMJ just yet) recently told Al Jazeera that "We want to break the stigma on cannabis, to showcase that cannabis can be used effectively to treat a number of conditions and to integrate medical professionals as well as traditional healers to allow the whole South Africa a holistic approach to healthcare."

Thaver added that he hopes his country will soon follow in the footsteps of other African countries like Zimbabwe who have already legalized medical marijuana.

To me this is another clear signal that another huge region of the world is about start evolving their views on cannabis. I feel like Africa could one day be one of the world's largest weed producers since the climate would allow marijuana to thrive on virtually the entire continent.

That's what's up!


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This is great, have followed. I want to grow hemp in Togo and researching how to do this legally


just do it i been growing it b4 the monkeys re classifed it legal they hold only the power over u that u agree 2

fuck that bullshit ITS FUCKING LEGAL AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN EVERYWHERE stop promooting the reality u say u dont prefre fucks sake we gods guys lol!