You could build a strong argument that many of the umpires (referees) don't understand either - and they're in charge

Hahahah, That is every sport! It wouldn't be fun to be an umpire.

probably moreso AFL than other sports - a lot of the rules are very much open to interpretation whereas most other sports the rules are black or white.

Basketball can be a lot like that as well where there is a lot of interpretation on what a foul is or what a travel is.

Baseball kind of as well because an umpire has to determine what a ball or strike is when the thing is traveling over 90mph a lot of times and has lateral and vertical movement while it is traveling. It would be tough.

if you were down here and missed out on seeing a game that's a shame. it's fairly reasonably priced and accessible. I find every sport is a unique experience when attending live as opposed to other sports (though i've really only been to soccer and AFL)

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