It's all the researchers who paid a lot of

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t's all the researchers who paid a lot of attention to the theme of witchcraft, in fact, there are people who are trying to cause us the evil to go directly to the murder or destruction of our property and prevent it, but they can do this with complete impunity, because it does not seem to be like that, on you affected acted absolutely impossible spoiling are of different kinds Fraser for example Southern sympathetic spoilage contagious involves direct contact with some magical subject this is when buried here For example something at the doorstep of the House is in the villages cottages usually happens for example some objects it can be Earth it can be conjoined hair it can be salt That is it can be any absolutely things through which you have to step over or which you touch is often used at contagious magic, souvenir gifts Here, for example, Flowers from a graveyard 2 people can give you flowers, but in fact, he took them to the cemetery and advise som