"What should I compromise on while searching for real love?"

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I agree with you that there is no need to compromise on love. But still, we must be realistic and I have already learned that Prince Charming exists only in fairytales. If I want to find love someday and get married I must compromise. Mustn't I?

Thank you


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First, let me say that you do have the power to transform your seemingly grey reality into a fairytale. I remind you and anyone else who may read this that you create your own life, your every event and object that appear in your reality and so if you wish to create miracles and enchanted episodes you can.

There is an interesting dynamic about compromising

Many people, not Masters yet, think to themselves - "If it should not happen then I will receive a note/clue/sign from the universe/god/angels that will show me the right way". Unfortunately, life does not work like that. Your energies will always support your decisions because they are not judgemental. If you choose to compromise then your decision will be supported. You will get into a relationship that you don't totally feel sure of, you will have some good moments, you will be accompanied by an inner nudge that something can be better, I can be happier, but until you make the decision to move forward, the universe will continue to support you!

Having said that, I know what you mean when you mention 'compromise'. Basically, any compromise that you make, no matter what issue is at stake, is your undoing. It is your hesitant expression of your abilities to create. Therefore, it is vital to very carefully examine your life to discern where you do indeed compromise. On the one hand you will want to be flexible and leave enough room for the essence of relationship to enter your life and on the other hand, you will want to make sure that nothing less than real love finds its way to you. Therefore, as a rule, I can say this -

compromise on the things that relate to your day-to-day human affairs but never compromise on the matters that concern your soul essence.

To help you and others I list some examples of both things:

  • To remain with a guy that you love although he is not as handsome as you wanted your spouse to be is not compromising!

  • To have sex with someone who you are not attracted to just because you are tired of being alone is a major compromising.

  • To agree to meet someone for a second date although you are not sure yet about your feelings is not compromising; staying with them although you have a strong impulse that says "this isn't it" - is compromising!

  • To remain in an unhappy marriage "just for the sake of the kids" - is compromising and might even lead to a serious illness.

  • To accept your spouse's suggestion to have an "open-marriage" so he doesn't leave you is compromising.

  • To leave your spouse only because s/he has gained weight (reasoning to yourself "I deserve better") is stupidity; to stay with them is not compromising.

  • If your date doesn't call you right away after a nice evening together you don't need to break up. Staying with him is not compromising. But, if your date doesn't tell you the truth about his whereabouts and you accept his dishonesty - that is compromising.

  • To stay with someone although they are not the best of lovers is not compromising; not doing anything about it and accepting it as a "predestined fate" is compromising.

  • To forgive your spouse who forgot your birthday is not compromising. To accept lame excuses from a spouse who doesn't care about you is definitely compromising.

  • To live with someone who doesn't express his/her love often is not compromising; to live with someone who doesn't love you is compromising.

  • To marry someone you don't love because s/he has the "right" status or has lots of money is compromising!

  • To give up on your own wishes and dreams for the well-being of someone else is compromising.

  • To be the only one who takes responsibility for the housekeeping while your spouse has a job is not compromising; to do that while your spouse hangs out with friends is compromising.

I believe you got the point, Shareen, and although things are seldom black or white you can still draw conclusions for your own private affairs.

Good luck and thank you for asking a question on behalf of so many.


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Great thought about love and compromise .. I think, we will never have the chance to devote more to love ever in our life. Love without compromise or distraction


Each moment is a new one with new decisions so one can always change route.
Thanks for the feedback👍

so if you wish to create miracles and enchanted episodes you can.

At some point I agre, but only at the moment, only as a temporary feeling.
At the end I agree with Shareen. People imagining Prince charming or fairytale see person who does and feels whatever they imagine about him to feel or to do. Which means, in my opinion, this Prince Charming is whatever they want him to be. That’s not how it works in real life. At the end people can live in denial as well.

Great examples especially about “stupidity” 😆.

To accept your spouse's suggestion to have an "open-marriage" so he doesn't leave you is compromising.

Ultimatum? I’m trying to avoid this word like snake’s 🐍 bite. On the other hand I tend to compromise very easily. Afterall for every single compromise I made, she was worth it. Just like I’m worthy the compromise to her. It should always be both ways, otherwise imbalance could lead to a slavery... 😁

My Teacher @nomad-magus
According to my personal love is a situation where someone shows you all the attention and emotion to whom he felt as if life is not complete without his presence. Love is a sensation that comes from the soul and inner feelings which miraculously produced when matching people come. Love is the divine power of God which automatically develops in one's mind. It cannot be forced.
Love through meaning literally refers to the intimate bond between two people who are indeed made in such a way that they feel as though someone has taken out all the liquid from the body when they are away from their loved ones. This intimate bond does not have a physical presence but binding two souls with very strong. When a person starts to live with someone, by itself bring forth the feelings in their minds for the other. The good properties of people automatically dominating the bad and are reflexes generate a feeling of devotion to that person. In this way love can be considered as an option.
When a person becomes so important in our lives until there is a presumption that life without him would be a mess, every minute without him being such a boring day, so we can say that love has a macrocosm. How to assess a person's different for different personalities. Everyone has unique features and properties. When we make our minds to interested in someone, we scan every possible quality people ituyang range from the way he dressed, the way she reacts, how he cared, everything. In this process, if one feels as if there is something that does not fit then he has full rights to disagree over their decision because when we think to live with that person then the sensation of compromise to make things get worse .


What you described is love on the human level.
Only when this love is supported and founded on one's connection with one's soul self, the love is balanced.

they feel as though someone has taken out all the liquid from the body

If one feels like that then one is still missing their connection with themselves. They will not be able to truly love another person until they feel whole and complete unto themselves.

Thank you for sharing 👍


I share my experience for what ever I feel
Thanks my Teacher

You are absolutely to the point because we should conpromise in certain things not in finding real love...
Finding real love is something in which compromise doesnot give better results ...
So be independent incase of finding real love..

One of the most importnt things in a relationship y communication thats what has worked for me multiple times, thanks for the guide we all need to improve for aour loved one.

You are right,,Nice content!!!!@nomad-magus..Society !!!!
Most of parents are old minded,,They compare the status,education etc to each other..I didn't like this..This is not keep a good role,,,so why?
Thank for sharing//

i think it is upon us for what we will compromise
if someone is worth compromising we can compromise in some aspects .That is neccessary as no one is perfect.
but if you have to compromise more still dont get what satisfies you,you are destroying yourself

I believe that you can meet your prince charming without compromising. I've met my partner now after failed relationship before and our relationship ran smoothly now. We create our own life and I agree with you @nomag-magus.

you create your own life, your every event and object that appear in your reality and so if you wish to create miracles and enchanted episodes you can.

Thank you very much @nomad-magus, I can remember my dreams now and the feeling of happiness last longer. "Breathe in!" ☺♥


👍 👍

Wow, thanks @nomadcmagus, it is not only Shareen that benefits from your expectation of things, I'm personally blessed with it too.

Stay awesome


Thank you 👍

Thanks, @nomad-magus for the beautiful advice and exploiting almost all the forms of compromise. Most of the times we compromise because we fear to lose some people in our lives so we do it to make other people happy and I always believe it is our happiness that matters most. Truly life is what you make it and the decisions that you take in life determine your success and they define who we are .

Sometimes we do need to compromise with others, but sometimes we have to hear the whisper of our conscience and walk on our own beliefs.
Thanks @nomad-magus

nice post my friend :)

You know that I don't happen to believe in marriage, that is to say, getting married (signing a paper) is not my priority, I see it as tying a person up with a signed commitment, I had many years with a couple who today claims me because I don't force them to marry me, they blame me for being separated now, I feel that love must be free, the people who are with me must want to be there, for love and not to have a signed paper, but many times I wonder if I am doing wrong, in fact after reading you, I think I am on the right track, sometimes people do not see where they are failing, I hope the translator this help


I feel that love must be free

There cannot be any other way for love👍

I am not convinced by the existence of true love, but if the match is confident that I believe


Life will prove to you, mate 🙂👍


Yes, I want to ask you @ nomad-magus, a few days ago I had a nightmare and made me shout in the dream so that my shouting voice was heard by someone else who did not sleep then woke me up and asked what's wrong with me. have you ever experienced it, if you can make a story to me about what I experienced.


Usually in the dreams the physical senses are numb. The regular consciousness, that is the mind and the body, is sleeping and other parts of your consciousness are active.
However, nightmares evoke great emotional activity that may leap from the sleeping awareness to your awake awareness. The purpose is to wake you up. It's your ego that is so afraid and needs to wake up to be reassured that it was just a dream and you are safe and sound.
While rare, such occurrences are natural.
In the coming nights, say to yourself a few times before falling asleep, "I am safe".
Fear not. All is well.


I have been experiencing it twice, and even two months ago I experienced a strange thing, while I was sleeping, suddenly I woke up and saw a very frightening face beside me, then I woke up and yelled by waking my friend up by picking him up while I was sleeping, I did it spontaneously because I thought the face was beside me, but when I actually wake up from sleep I feel my body is weak.


Assuming that everything is balanced with your health, this is natural.

some of those things are tru if you compromise just for the sake of ---- is not good. You will not be happy

I am totally agree with you. Your soulition is to good. Keep solving our problem. Thanks a lot 😍

This is great advice @nomad-magus. Compromise is indeed something not good as it keeps us bound in unhappiness. In life its always good for every one of us to have a standard and principles that we run our lives on.

good content on relationship

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That's right
Some things can be compromised,
Yet others shouldn't be.