Users with over 500 steem power how did you do it?

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Im new to cryptocurrency and all and i was wondering how you old cats managed to get so much steem power

As i started investigating your prifiles i started to see that users with a lot of steem power have a lot of followers and good authours rewards. Im trying to get where you guys are so please

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share your secrets

I missed bitcoin and with other ico's requiring crypto to buy crypto it was hard to get into the crypto revolution but hopefully more and more africans like me join the worod of crypto

Please donate

bitcoin cash




Ubuntu : the essence of humanity ( a south african saying that has helped our grow). <<< all human being have ubuntu help others as you were helped by others before

With love from south africa

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I'd like to know as well - any whales / dolphins etc. reading this, please share you tips :)


Yes, please do share