ADVERTISE STEEMIT 1,000,000 a month exposures or more - It depends on us - A new project after the success of support minnows.

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Hello dear friends

, my new project is to reward and empower the Steemit platform,
10% of the revenue of each daily post (ADVERTISE STEEMIT 1,000,000 a month ) will go to the advertising budget, to those who least understand
If the post wins $ 100 -> $ 10 you go to an advertising budget.
10$->1$ (including 10% of my own vote).

Each 1st month I will disclose the exposure data to Steemit


For those who do not know the number of monthly entrances to STEEMIT stands at close to 20 million

Adding another 2-3 million exposures per month is a very significant thing, it can increase the token value and so on

you can watch the popularity with this Google Chrome browser extension :

Link to the add-on

YOURS, yoo1900

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