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RE: Introducing Advertise! Grow With Us!

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So you're offering to write posts worthy of being on the trending page but don't know the difference between "then" and "than"?

I understand the intent of your service but I don't think it's one that's truly needed on Steemit.


This sounds more like "give us money to cover potential losses from bids; maybe people will actually look at it".

I mean we've had about 20-30 actual people respond to this post and/or join our Discord, so there is definitely engagements with posts that reach the front page. While the money does cover potential losses we have, it's also a lot less then what paying to get your own post up to the front page about your community costs.

I suppose. As long as you guys check submissions for plagiarism, etc., it should be generally free from flags.

Oh we're definitely going to be reviewing any post submitted to be boosted very thoroughly to make sure there is no plagiarized content, nothing too controversial, or nothing that should not be there.

I'm going to blame this on the fact that I stayed up late last night writing this and was too sleep-deprived to go back and proof read, gimme a sec while I fix that!

Than and Then fixed, thanks for that!

Do you want to discuss why you don't feel a service like ours is needed on the platform? As of right now small communities are often stuck where they are or growing slowly because of a lack of advertisement, and as can be shown by the amount of people engaging with this post, the trending page is an effective way of getting your name out there.

People don't like advertisement. Build up real relationships instead. This post is written in a sleazy way. People don't want someone to come in with their lame greedy mindset. Especially stealing people's money if they would get rejected.

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 16.55.01.png

It's a 1 steem application fee. That just prevents people from trying to sign up that do not have the funds to use our service, or people that don't expect to get accepted from filling up the queues. If someone is accepted, That amount is taken off their final price.

People don't like advertisements, I agree. Unfortunately, there is almost no better way to boost communities that don't have funds to help themselves. @Curie ran a great community-helping program a bit ago, but that's over and there are few things to help communities grow since.

Due to what we're going to call popular support of that not being a thing, We've changed it. We will now refund any rejected applicants the 1 steem registration fee and we will take off 1 steem from the final price of accepted applicants.

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