What are you not convinced of?

How is this system not a scheme to grow the advertise account using bid bots without having to even write a post? That's what has me unconvinced.

The Advertise team is writing the posts though?

Hmmm I guess I misunderstood something on my first read through the post or something, I didn't quite catch the part where it says it's basically advertisement for communities or services only...

I get it now, I thought you were going to take any post someone else wrote, charge them and then upvote it to trending and keep everything lol but if it's for services and communities it's actually a decent service, my bad.

No problem at all! We noticed there are many good communities that deserve some recognition but are never able to build up enough steem to get themselves to the front page, so we tried to help them out a little, by offering methods to get to the front page for cheap, and methods to get there even cheaper (but with a little more work). This is only intended for services and communities, things that require users to join to stay alive.

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