What are Escape Rooms?

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Have you ever enjoyed your time with friends in an escape room game? If no, then there is no point to worry as this is a new concept and it is not that popular till now. We will give you detailed information about the escape rooms. There are high chances that after reading this post, you will crave to play the real-life adventure game in escape rooms with your dear ones. Read below to collect all the necessary details about the origin of escape rooms and how these got converted into an opportunity to have an adventurous time with your friends.

So, what exactly are escape rooms?

As mentioned above, the escape room is a real-life adventure game spanning 60 minutes in which you need to accomplish a mission with your team. The concept of escape room games was sprouted in the US in the year 2012. Well, if you don’t have any of your friends with you to play this game, then it is not a subject of worry. You can join the team of strangers who come to play the escape room games. Before the start of the game, your game guide will tell about all the rules of the game which you need to follow to complete the game. And even if your team doesn’t manage to complete the game with the 60 minutes time then only you will be allowed to come out of the team.

You must be feeling the excitement to know what sort of missions you need to accomplish to finish the game. Well, you could have to find the lost keys with the help of solving several clues or solving some challenging puzzles to successfully complete the game. The inside environment of escape rooms is something like that of castle rooms which offer adventures to enjoy your time. St Louis Escape Room is one of the popular escape rooms in the US which attract a huge number of people all across the world.

Playing escape room games require teamwork, speed, and creativity to solve the puzzles as well as find clues in completing the missions. It is an excellent medium to solve enjoy your time and have fun with your family members or friends. Not only one would get involved in social activity but also there will be adventurous events during the missions. And the important thing is that one could choose the type of escape room game according to one’s interest. As time progresses, more and more people are coming to play such adventurous games which have played a crucial role in increasing the number of escape rooms to 5000 worldwide.

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