Seven Elf Waterfall

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Aceh is famous as one of the country that has a beautiful waterfall. In addition to Waterfall in Blang Kulam Aceh Utara, there is a virgin waterfall because it may never be visited by people. Like what is beautiful?

This hidden waterfall is not accidentally found while traveling with friends to one of the mountains in North Aceh.

About half an hour before reaching the place, one of our friends wanted to pee. It made us finally stop at the river. Just across the river is a clear, watery stream.

Seeing the water so clear, we tried to go down to see the new scenery as well as rest. The water is so refreshing and cool. Because nature does not want to silence a friend, he also takes a small river into the forest.

Beyond b! Only about 200 meters away, we found an unspoiled waterfall. Although the waterfall is not so high, but keasrian and kealamiannya very awake.

Even the waterfall seems not so well known by many people. Evident from the absence of traces of the presence of others around this waterfall before our arrival.

Only the sound of waterfalls and birdsong and the sound of insects heard. The loneliness of the waterfall hidden in this forest makes it feel like a private waterfall.

Coupled with a waterfall that is still very natural and beautiful. It's a great travel bonus.!

So many adventures I can't tell you everything here. next time i will tell my next adventure. Warm Regards.

Thank you

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Wow, what an adventure! Seeing this must have been an amazing experience! One of my dreams is to experience waterfalls like this. Waterfalls are also one of my favorite things to photograph. Thank you for sharing this, I cant't wait for you to share your next adventure. You got yourself a new follower :)

thank you for following me, i love to share interesting experiences to be enjoyed by nature lovers like you

That's awesome! Keep it up :)