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RE: Happy New Year from lost Russian!

in #adventure3 years ago (edited)

Wow, girl! You certainly had a great time there!!!!!! Would you believe that my husband also proposed to me while skiing!))) We were in Mammoth and it was Feb 14, 2010. I didn't anticipate it at all and almost fell of the chair lift, so surprised I was. I have a feeling he didn't plan it either. Cause he didn't have a ring and made it from foil right there))))) That was hilarious. I still said YES and have never regretted that. I', happy for your friends, with them the best from me))


Thank you darling!! It was great times, indeed. I love snow, so I'm so glad our friends organized this trip :) and proposal was just so cute :) I think it's just a great idea to propose in the mountains, you already feel excited being here, then you get a ring and it's like "what's going on, it's amazing!" ☺️☺️ Your husband did well too👍🏻 good job🙌🏻💪🏻

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