Gela Amini: The Electricity of Your Intentions (video/podcast)

in adventure •  11 months ago

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Life is an adventure, and you are too ambitious, too smart and too capable to spend your life cooped up in a box, only to one day retire and spend the rest of your days wondering what might have been.

That is not for you. You are going to push boundaries, innovate, devise and create, blaze your own path where many didn't even think to tread. Life is waiting to be discovered, and ideas teased into existence through your ingenuity.

Then, at the end of your life, you will look back and think that you did so many things that once you thought you would never be able to do. You might not even know where you found the courage to do them... but at least you remember that you found the courage to dream, to imagine, to conjure new situations in your mind and allow yourself to be moved by them.

In this episode, Kurt interviews Gela Amini, earthling, traveller, plant chef and expert manifester. Gela explains a little about what her life is like, and tells us about some important waypoints in her journey - how she conquered Lyme disease, managed to get out of debt, and get her Swedish citizenship and passport despite their bureaucracy.

Join us in another mind-expanding episode of... The Paradise Paradox!

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Something like this happened recently, I imagined myself winning and internet contest. I just pictured myself celebrating it and put myself in the situation to be there for it to happen and guess what, it did!

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Great interview! You can tell Gela is genuinely at peace with herself and the world around her. You definitely got a follower out of me, keep up the good content!

Mind Over Matter Makes Absolute Sense
When God created us there was no job no processed foods only fruits herbs n veggies Queen Elizabeth has 1 head 10 fingers 2 feet and a trillion+ dollors so whats her different from me? Well they say nobody is perfect there fore I am a nobody because i aim for perfection just like a king & queen does and that is why Mind Over Matter Makes Absolutely
Wouldnt you agree?

Great article it's very inspiring... makes feel like getting off my chair and doing something!

very great write up

this article is very nice to see..... electricity is main part of our life.....
save electricity is growth our family and our country

sounds great !!
goodluck with your job
keep it on
UV your post

right and good post


Life is an adventure and there something extraordinary waiting for somewhere. We would reach it if have the courage and burning desire then everything gotta fall in its place

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Fascinating stories and articles

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Very Creative post nicely depicted ..Awesome !!

She's not on steemit I guess? I want to add all of you , I'm sensing some potential tribe vibes. At the very least you guys have interesting things to say. Any other users you'd like to recommend?

Smiling at everyone. When I played music in the street, I was more focused on smiling at people. It was really fun to see how they reacted. The whole process was really meditative, I felt a huge difference between when I started and a month later.

I've also been dealing with health problems for the past two years, and the biggest turning point was when I just accepted the worst case scenario and said "well ok, if this is it, it was a good run, let's see if I can turn it around though, I really believe I can recover 100%". Total acceptance but also saying "this isn't what I want" without any fear behind it.

You've got yourselves a new regular reader / viewer ;-)


Gela's (as yet empty) Steemit @geliqua

Check out @kennyskitchen and @erikaharris

thank you , it's so nice to hear about your own travels to Turkey, with so many mutual experiences, it's a sign that Turkey truly is a mecca for travellers and accessible to all people!

As you said, I do love the mix of European and Asian culture, and it's also the reason why I decided to stay near the old town next to the Hagia Sophia, I seem to remember however that it is located on the West side of the Bosphorous and therefore is the European side and not Asian side. Do correct me if i'm wrong though!

As always I have time to visit the blogs of my favourite people, you being one of them :