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Finally, a dream come true!

After hoping to catch a gar for years, I finally caught one tonight. However, as things go sometimes, it wasn't exactly what I expected...

Yeah, about 2 1/2 inches long... but it is a gar, so it counts. One day I'll hopefully find a larger one, but for now, it's a start. I've certainly seen bigger ones, but this was the first one that I ever caught.


As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

GIF provided by @anzirpasai



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All the kids of the world are very cute! Whether it's fish or turtles)).


Good point!

I thought u go fishing and catch a huge gar but when I opened your article, I saw a tiny gar - a cute little one

Wow, you did it at last.Though these one is very much little than expectation. But yeah, it's a start.Hope, you will get those bigger one's one day.Keep trying sir.

lol. awesome catch.


LOL indeed!

Years from now it will be some whale of a story that it was 10 feet long with massive teeth! Congrats!


LOL - Years from now!

Take a 12 inch piece of soft nylon rope, and undo the weave for 10 inches. Use the rope for a lure, it tangles in their teeth, and you will have your fish!

They are UGLY beasts, but their mouth does not do hooks well. ENJOY!



Hmmm... I'll have to give it a try.


It will WORK, LOL! Send me pictures. They can't resist the rope, and once tangled, they can't get away!


Yup, or tie it onto a floating top-water lure. This is how we used to catch them all the time. Regular hooks are hard to get them on, but the rope tangles work almost every time!


Then you have a real fight on your hands too, LOL! Fun times!


Busquen la lupa jajaja Mentira Gran aventura

That's hilarious! A few of those on a pizza and you could call it pepperoni with gar. Beats anchovies every time!


Yeah, laugh away!


I'll be cheering with you when you catch a 20 pounder, too!

One of my cousins and me used to go snagging for Gar years ago. Man, when you snag a big one you are going to know it. They put up one hell of a fight and are not all that fun to actually deal with once on land. Lol. Definitely an adventure.

cogratulation papa-pepper. you have caught although one and a little one. We call sili fish in local name, (Mastacembelidae Eel)
including fish habitat in a river that is becoming endangered. These fish prefer to live on the banks of the river premises muddy river and under the shade of trees because it can not be exposed to direct sunlight.
So, according to my experience when I was child, you will caught the bigger one in a place that is essentially muddy and shaded by trees.

Good luck.

I'm getting to know about a gar today. Thanks for being part of my sucessful story as i reached over 200followers on steemit

Is it a kind of fish? Am I right @papa-pepper?


Yes, a kind of fish.


Ohhh... Weird creature! Looks like a different type of worm or animals living in a deep-sea...

Congratulations!! You sound really excited!!

@papa-pepper I don't even know what a GAR is so I had to look it up...................Gars have elongated bodies that are heavily armored with ganoid scales, and fronted by similarly elongated jaws filled with long, sharp teeth. All of the gars are relatively large fish
Except Papa-Peppers dinky


HEY! Dinky? C'mon man!

I’m happy for you @papa-pepper. I’ve never see gar for once, I know it’s a nice one

Now you need a tiny potato to make the chips to go with it....

Hey bro, I finally made it in here. Now to figure this all out.

Wow, congratulations. I didn't even know what a gar was but I look it up and they can get really big! Nice little turtles too. Have fun making your pond. I'm sure the little peppers will like that too. Have you looked into the natural swimming pool/ponds?


We have looked into natural swimming pools!!!

Wow, that is great. I hope you catch a bigger one soon. I've never even seen a gar before. Hope to see one one day

this is totally off-topic but for some reason i thought it might interest you :p


This belone belone looks beautiful. Nice work @papa-pepper, I am hoping you can make it grow big and beautiful 😁

That is one tiny Gar. I was expecting a fish the size of your arms. This one is much safer.

I have always stood firm on the principle that " a catch is a catch!" Lol. I have buddies in my area that bow fish for them and their results are impressive. I'm going to try to set up a trip with them to check it all out. It's one of the few ways I haven't tried to fish yet.

Wow! I don't think I have ever seen one that small! LOL but it is a Gar so it counts...I have never caught one but friends have. Nasty teeth on them!

Haha. I love the baby gar! Good work! Okay, I have always wanted to have my own pond as well. I am glad you are closer than ever to having yours! Steem on brother!

wuao realmente primera vez que yo veo uno de esos asi que es primera vez para los dos jaja... éxitos amigo la próxima capture uno mas grande, saludos la la @family-pepper