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RE: Land Ops: Navigation, Communications, Teamwork

in #adventure6 years ago

whoa, this sounds like such a cool adventure! we've got to get a few off road trips under our belts then maybe we can graduate to something of this caliber. I credit Ivan's special eye sight for being able to pick out the anomalies in the landscapes that ended up being your caches. Ive heard of similar games in NYC that dont sound nearly as fun as your crawl around the city looking for coordinates.


Its a lot of fun! Just consider it camping and geocaching combined with a little puzzle solving and Radio communication. You don't have to be licensed to participate, we can use FRS radios (walki-talki type) to talk between vehicles.

I have no doubt that Ivan's special eye sight helps him. It's interesting how things that blend in to me stand out to him, and things that stand out to me blend in for him...

Maybe we can do a practice run when we figure out a camping trip to go on :D

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