For Wide Open Desert Metal Detecting | Desert GOLD MINES and Scenery | GTAO VLOGS #28

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Title: For Wide Open Desert Metal Detecting | Desert GOLD MINES and Scenery | GTAO VLOGS #28. Recently we traveled far out in into the very, very remote American desert searching for gold and learning about this new and beautiful area! Part of daytime was used to explore the entire area on foot and use our metal detector to locate all the non ferrous (non iron) metals left and lost out there over the decades and possible recover some detectable sized placer Gold nuggets or gold still in the hard rock. There are many old drift mines and mine shafts out in the area and we found one and did some filming there as well for the video. Come along, please Like & Upvote the video, Share it on your social media to help our channel, Subscribe to our channel and the ones we show in the video, add your comments, questions, suggestions for the video, and lastly visit our website for our genuine dry washing concentrates and gold panning pay dirts help support our channel, make more trips and videos, repair and replace our gear, buy food and fuel, and all those pesky practicalities.
Thanks again and stay well. Aaron
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