Motorcycle Tales Part 2 - Exploring areas from Uttarakhand, India

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Hello Steemians; last week we rode to interiors of Uttarakhand exploring new areas and villages and making them visible on tourist map.

Stayed in Jhimar and planned to leave for Nainidanda the next day. However it rained badly with thunders and none of us could sleep at night so decided to take it easy and use Jhimar as our base for today.

Mountains, rains and that tea

Did i say we had a view?

Yes we were travelling on the days when our Met dept had issued a storm warning in Uttarakhand. So what did we do? Well we ordered several rounds of tea and saw those clouds taking over the entire region.

Pluck onions for pakodas


The place was such peaceful that you would just want to sit at one side and witness all this nature has to offer. This was my first time to this part of country and I absolutely regret not doing so earlier.
Weather cleared around 10 and we decided to step out to market and then to Manila Devi temple.
Since the light drizzle was still there, we decided to ditch our bikes and travel in Tiago today. 5 well build guys on hills in a 3 cylinder Tiago was a different level in itself.

Parked them in whatever shade we could get

Stopped for samosas; we saw them yesterday but the owner denied saying they were not fresh and that he will keep them ready for our visit today. In picture samosas served with curd and local spices + onions

Route to temple had absolutely zero visibility and we stopped several times to ensure a clear road ahead. The temple is pretty famous and you’ll hear stories from locals once you converse. A small quaint temple on the outskirts covered with clouds made it just a different experience. Sad that photography was not allowed inside the temple and I wont be able to show you how beautiful this small temple is.


We spent some quality time at the temple and while on our way down we found a small trek from beneath those long trees. Walked till the cliff and took some amazing shots. Those amazing clouds gave birth to some real good looking timelapse and to ensure we have a share of it we left one of the GoPro just to click timelapse every time we stop.


Maggi with a View:

Came back to the market to get Petrol for Tiago (its available in black for 90Rs/Ltr) and pick some veggies for this is the eve when Team THC will be cooking for me.
PS: People visiting please refuel at Ramnagar or else the next fuel station is about 60 kms from Jhimar and finding fuel isn't a surety there.

Those gorgeous views and hard working cooks made our evening. I’ll let the photos take over here.




Next morning Deepak and Team THC will be leaving for Nainidanda while I will head back to Delhi. Again the situation was not clear since MET department has issued an advisory and advised everyone in this region to stick to their homes.

Just like most times the met department was proved wrong and we were happy to wake up to a bright day. While i had to leave for Delhi a part of me really wanted to stay back and live those new destinations but the entrepreneur in me couldn't take the losses at work and decided to head back Delhi.

Rode non stop to Delhi and was home by 4:30 pm followed by office in another half hour.

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Good photos and excellent post.

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