[PHOTO] Can't live with or without you

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This plant caused me headaches. It was always standing in the way. Its leafs would bend down, and I did never understand if it was from too much or not enough water. I cared, I tried, I might have tried too hard, I don't know, but it needed something and I couldn't figure out what.

When I wanted a Christmas tree it had to move. Because it took the best spot in my living room. Maybe I've made it feel second place. I don't know. It punished me by bending it leafs even more.

When I had to move all my stuff into a storage unit for traveling reasons, of course this plant was the one thing I couldn't store. So I was left with it, the plant, the thing that gave me headaches for years. (Insert overly dramatic tunes.)

An empty house, that I had loved dearly, and only one plant left. A terrible love, I had cared for it so much, but now we had to part. I texted friends. "Could you take care of my plant for eh... well, 9 months?"

I delivered to them the plant, leaving it in their hands, for them to care, and went away, of course thinking of many things back home, but not the plant.

Life happened, irony called, and due to an accident I didn't travel for 9 months but only two, and the friends who were most open to receive us, two lost travelers with a medical challenge and no stuff of their own, were the keepers of the plant.

Basically this plant was first to welcome me 'home' after a broken dream. I lived with it for 2 months and only after we found a home I decided I still had no place for it, so my friends still have my plant.

It will always be in my life, it seems. A plant I can't live with - or without.

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We become attached to some weird stuff sometimes.


Yes - we do. It's interesting, also stuff we don't need to keep at all :-)

I have a Gardenia thats is just my best friend...beautiful post...i choose "WITH" excellent photo


Hehe - I'm not sure yet if I'd call this plant my friend. But it's a life partner in a way ;-)

Hoi hoe gaat het met de steemfest voorbereidingen zag dat Karin ook gaat


Ik wacht nog even op de verdere aankondigingen voordat ik definitief boek :D

Nice story and who knows ... sometimes it's hard to tell what a plant needs, but the plant has definitely a special place in your heart.


Haha - yes, it does! Over time you can build up a relationship with it for sure :-)

I have many 'plant' friends. Sometimes they can be tricky and fussy. I have one plant I love in my kitchen that I found if I neglect it for a month, let it really dry out and then water it regularly it makes the most amazing blooms. It somehow recreates it's natural environment of dry times followed by wet I guess and my reward is cool alien flowers. I should post about that too, so many things, but then I just post about my drawings instead :)


Wow! Yes, I would love to see some photos or drawings of these so-called 'alien flowers' :D Makes me curious!

Ah i love plants, especially aloe vera plants 😁


Yes, I recently added a few Aloe Vera to my household as well! They are amazing :D


Wise move, awesome plants 😁

Soul mate or arch nemesis....? Hard to tell. ☺️


It is! I'm not sure yet :D Maybe in a future home it will come back to me and we'll live happily ever after :-)

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a plant that you don't know you can Live or can't Live without.. its an interesting plant! ;)

Nice post, funny how some things are indeed things that give you headache but still you can't seem to get rid of them..

I used to have lots of plants in the house. The moment I started to travel, they all went away one by one.

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