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RE: Adsactly Short Stories - Two Weeks To Happily Never After

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Quite the hook at the introduction to the story, grabbed my interest as I read on to find out more... Quite the distressing set of circumstances, Zainab's emotions really betrayed her, first by making her wait for years and then again when I guess she let Bello get through to her that first time... But Bello is also a villain here by toying with Zainab's emotions so much, but Zainab's sister is smart, smart enough to realize what was happening

I admit that I got a little mixed up with the names at times but I think I got it sorted out, can't be a proper drama without a good number of affected people... Also wow yeah this story is a good cautionary tale, I think, timeless and relevant to everyone, maybe it'll help encourage self reflection on the real nature of a relationship so as to ward off a lifetime of unhappiness where the real winner is Bello who basically escapes without consequence so far - insult to injury

Anyway great storytelling, even if the ending wasn't so happy, but that's how things are sometimes


Your comment made me smile. Thanks for paying attention to the story enough to dissect it meaningfully. Cheers!