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RE: Adsactly Short Stories - Two Weeks To Happily Never After

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This may seem like fiction but it isn't. It is a real life story, in fact, it happens again and again.

I know if cases like this.

It's ease to blame one party or the other, but I would rather advise that each one knows what works for him or her.

Deciding early what the future holds for a relationship is key. Don't let anyone waste your time and don't waste other people's time.

Don't indulge your your heart to love someone you don't love. Don't let people pressure you bro marrying someone you have no feelings for- and if you must marry someone you have no feelings for, rest assured, there would be consequences- you might want to start preparing for such.

Love is a serious task. And when time comes for the decision to marry comes, pay attention to every detail.

Thanks @adsactly and @royalrose for this amazing story.


Very well said, Idowu. Thanks for reading and taking the time to share your thoughts.