Rebellion, the best thing that could have happened to the world

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When I asked myself when the last time I was a rebel was, I began to reflect.

The concepts of bad and good are too subjective. According to a very conservative person, maybe your modus vivendis is an aberration for life and for other people you may be living in a very boring or sanctimonious way.


So I will be as clear as possible to use those concepts in this post. If we take rebellion as contempt for any law pre-established by society, then this has been fundamental to the evolution of the human being.

If we start to imagine the principles of human society, since then there were rules for institutions such as society and churches that gradually became obsolete.

That's where rebellion has to act, when the rules of a certain society do not meet the needs of its inhabitants

There are different types of rebels:


They are people who, in the face of any indication of a rule established by some authority, whether ecclesiastical or not, tend to disobey without thinking about what would benefit or affect that rule. They simply isolate themselves, do nothing to change or obey. Some lumps in this world


These are the ones who have done the greatest damage to this world; we can find them in any society and tend to go to the extreme of any authority if you present a rule.

Whatever it is, not only will they disobey it but they will also do the opposite of what they said. If they are told they are white, they will cling to the fact that they are black, and that they have always been black and always will be ... even if the tests dictate the opposite.

With this attitude they believe they are free, but they remain chained to the opinion of others.

And there is still more, they will tend to want to overthrow the authority regardless of whether they carry out their work well or not, they just do not want it.


These types of people are what we need in this world, people who with creativity and courage, who have discovered all the incongruities and errors that society, have committed or is committing.

An example of them was, Jesus Christ. He had never heard the word Christianity; he was a Jew; a rebellious Jew who, based on actions and examples, came to discover all the falsehoods and incongruities that were taking place in his time.


We can also be some, developing creativity and maximizing self-knowledge. The latter is important because you can not profess something and halfway discover that you did not like or you did not identify with that idea.

An example of a contemporary positive rebel is Joshua Wong, a teenager from Hong Kong who, realizing the faults and incongruities that his educational system had, came to gather more than 150,000 inhabitants to protest and change an entire education system.


The 14-year-old teenager founded scholarisim and is co-founder of a political party. Only at that time, he had to wait for the minimum age to launch himself as a candidate.

The young man who is now 21 years old and known as the leader of the umbrella revolution in 2014 is the general secretary of his party, a pro-democracy activist in Hong Kong and has been condemned only a few hours ago to 3 months in prison for contempt of the authorities. "You can lock our bodies, but you can not lock our minds," Wong said before hearing the sentence.

I insist, I think it only takes creativity, self-knowledge and courage to change a society. Of course, it is very easy to read, however to develop these qualities it is necessary to go a long way of constant practice.

Still, it should be worth it to participate in that long journey

You, when was the last time you were rebellious?

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