Let's Cook Smoked Ribs with DerangedVisions

in adsactly •  3 months ago

Yesterday @broncofan99 made a post titled Grilling with Broncofan99: How to cook RIBS. I made the mistake of watching this when I was hungry and decided that I wanted to cook some ribs too.

I had never made ribs before, but @broncofan99 did an awesome job on his video explaining how to them, so I figured I could do it, but I wanted to cook them in my smoker instead of the oven. After I got done donating plasma and my photoshoot yesterday, I stopped by the store and picked everything up.

This video is not my typical Deranged Eats video because I didn't want to mess up any of the meat or anything since I wasn't too familiar with the process. This is more of a VLOG style of video, which was actually a whole lot easier to put together since I didn't have to spend about 6 hours or more editing and doing special effects.

I hope that you liked the video.

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I love me some ribs!! Those looked great. And great job! First time, no worries you rocked it! haha

Wow! It's food for real man!

DUDE!!!! Those ribs look AMAZING!!! I'm glad that I was able to inspire you to cook ribs for the first time. I love seeing it done in the smoker. I have a smoker but I still need to put it together. I must do my next batch of ribs in the smoker now. There are so many things I want to do in the smoker. Your video is awesome!! I can't believe you spit out sweet delicious beer man!!! LOL Kraken rum is my favourite!!!! I call it the sweet nectar of the earth. Delicious and strong!!!! Thanks so much for the shout out and the props. Greatly appreciated.

Smoked food was some unkie test...