UK ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPHY - Daffodills #adsactly #ladiesofsteemit #macrophotography

in #adsactly5 years ago

I have been practicing my macrophotography again with my multipurpose lens and I spotted a beautiful hanging basket that was the perfect subject for me to try out my skills!

Don't forget to click the images for the full screen effect!




daffs basket.JPG

These images are my own, taken with my Nikon D5300, using a Sigma 18-300mm lens and edited using PhotoScape software which you can find free online here: (

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! If you enjoy my work, I would greatly appreciate an upvote if you have one to spare :)

Much love and peace to you my Steemit friends!
@beautifulbullies (bulldogs) xx

fiddy thumbnail.JPG




Hi, I like your photos. You have my upvote. let's get to know each other and please, can You give me an upvote?
Greetings from Poland :-)

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Good macro photography post..

Definitely deserves an upvote, I am abit biased though, there is nothing that my wife loves more than daffodills. Unfortunately the climate in South Africa kills them before they can grow!!
Or perhaps I do, haha

lol they are just popping up everywhere here in the UK, they are a welcome sign after the winter we have had this year! :) Thank you for commenting :)

you seem to have become accustomed to the new camera :)
excellent macro photos :)

Being in Wales I see a lot of daffodils !

I particularly like the first image.

Thank you @pennsif! Ah Wales, my most favourite place in the world! I hope to be able to live there one day on a smallholding! My dream life... :)

Spring is here x

yey! :) Except we are supposed to be getting some more snow this weekend lol x

Wow these pictures are beautiful!!

Follow me...I can't wait to see more.

You're doing great pictures with your new camera! congrats @beautifulbullies

thank you so much! :) It has been a dreary few days so not been able to get out much. I really want the sun to come out tomorrow!

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