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The ADSactly Community Blogger's Spotlight - @bigtom13

With this article, the ADSactly Society starts a new series, aimed at reviews of our member's individual blogs in order to further promote our blogger community to the general public. The ADSactly writers, alongside many other awesome writers, are the top shelf of the Steem blogging and are contributing a great deal to the Steemit community with their dedicated work.

Our weekly pick is @bigtom13 !


Here is his introduction post from a while back:

Apart from occasional writing for our main blog as a regular writer, BigTom13 is very much involved in our Discord channel as a moderator who helps people find their way through many pathways of ADSactly Society.

His personal blog is full of interesting articles. His series "Travels With Connie" is especially interesting. It is a travel series portraying his adventures while riding his motorcycle through the USA.

As we mentioned @bigtom13 also writes for the ADSactly Steem Publishing House as a part of the writer's team. His recent series of articles on Mississipy river is definitely a 'must read'.

Dear @bigtom13, we wish you many more prosperous articles and beautiful moments on your road. Have fun and enjoy!

Guys, please support @bigtom13 's personal blog and give him a big round of applause!


The ADSactly Steem Publishing House Team

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  ·  last year (edited)

His recent series of articles on Mississipy river is definitely a 'must read'.

That’s true! Not only Mississippi River, but other huge US rivers such as Snake river I wouldn’t normally know about if it wasn’t for @bigtom13. I also got a chance to read his introduction post and one thing has definitely proven to be true:

I sincerely hope that I can find my way here on Steemit,...

He definitely did! I wish @bigtom13 and his best friend Sam the best!

Thank you. Sam and I thank you. You, and your support really make this stuff worth while.

I started to read @bigtom13's stuff a few weeks ago when @adsactly ran his Mississippi River series on Adsactly Education thread. The way he presented the history of the river from its Geological origins to its cultural impact on human civilization was absolutely amazing.

Being somewhat of a history buff, any content relating to history grabs my attention very quickly. But usually the way people present the historical facts is dry and clinical. I am not saying that its a bad thing but it doesn't make for a very interesting read.

People also tend to ignore the 'origin of myths' aspect of the history. Everything we know of today has its origin in reality and to ignore it, is to cut off a part of the history itself. @bigtom13 did exceedingly great on all these counts.

His way of writing made the history come alive in my imagination. I really appreciate his contribution here and hope that we get to see more of him on Adsactly in the future.

Thank you for the very kind words. And for the record, I'm not going anyplace. I'll stick around and keep doing what I do long as they will let me. I absolutely love it.

Glad to know man!

  ·  last year (edited)

I simply were given to know @bigtom13 in adsactly. I just realized that I hadn't accompanied it. So I just did it so that inside the future I can be able to follow his personal weblog. To my know-how, every put up @ bigrom13 that turned into raised in adsactly did give enlightenment and boom knowledge. As an intruder who simplest studied geography in junior excessive and excessive college, I knew several rivers and passed off to observe records in order that I should upload facts. interesting posts often make me inquisitive about commenting so that there may be greater price for a community. what is more transferring is the integrity and difficult work that he does in preserving the adsactly community. I feel that he has a high-quality duty and contribution that he gives to the community by using taking care of individuals who handiest want to get dollar without being concerned about it. a number of them do this and @bigtom cut this chain to keep adsactly full of accurate human beings. we can analyze and earn too. and for all his determination and hard work I lifted my hat as high as my admire for him

You might want to try our Discord channel. We have a really good crew there and a lot of personalities.

Thank you for the very kind words,


  ·  last year (edited)

I just got to know @ bigtom13 in adsactly. I just realized that I hadn't followed it. So I just did it so that in the future I will be able to follow his personal blog. To my knowledge, every post @ bigrom13 that was raised in adsactly did give enlightenment and increase knowledge. As an outsider who only studied geography in junior high and high school, I knew several rivers and happened to study history so that I could add information. interesting posts often make me interested in commenting so that there is more value for a community.
what is more moving is the integrity and hard work that he does in maintaining the adsactly community. I feel that he has a great responsibility and contribution that he gives to the community by taking care of people who only want to get dollar without caring about it. Some of them do that and @bigtom cut this chain to keep adsactly full of good people. We can learn and earn too. and for all his dedication and hard work I lifted my hat as high as my respect for him.
hopefully blessing always accompanies it
thank you @bigtom13
Thank you @adsactly
Thank you Steemit

warm regard from indonesia

Thank you for the really kind words and all your support. Not just for me, but for all the Adsactly writers. I can safely say that we really do appreciate it!

You are wellcome. I am so glad to know you. With Adsactly we can build healthy community..

@bigtom13, Great to know that you are effective engaging individual in the @adsactly community and in my opinion it's an great thing and for sure your work and it's depth tells the complete story.

In my opinion exploring places on motorcycle is really different and next level fun and that is because our motorcycle becomes like an companion for us.

And yes, whatever inputs and in depth information you gave about the Mississippi River is really appreciable and we are waiting and hoping for amazing pieces ahead.

So keep up this great work and i hope and wish that you will going to attain great heights on this platform and in life. And your efforts and hard work will return you much value.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

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  ·  last year (edited)

@adsactly hello 👋 sir We always follow @adsactly. Because we all know @adsactly steemit is doing very well in this. I see @adsactly's total posts. @bigtom13 Someone I follow Your picture below looks very beautiful. Only water and water all around. Pictures of Boat.. It looks very beautiful trees around the road. O of non-SM-fold

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