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Our life is a constant question, how many times do we find ourselves in a situation in which we don't know what to do? Every day, every minute, every awakening moment begins with a decision in all aspects of our life, whether it is sentimental, professional or personal, is definitely part of our daily lives, some of these decisions are easily made, others, however, require time and analysis.

According to statistics from consulted sources, each individual makes around 2500 decisions from the time he wakes up until he goes back to bed to rest, from the simple choice of what to wear, what to eat, what to buy for dinner to an important business decision. Without a doubt this process consists of choosing or selecting options that we consider more suitable for us or simply with which we feel comfortable.

It is important to know that the decisions we make depend on our reality today, that is, we are the result of them, the person with whom we share our lives, the number of children we have, what we study in college, was part of a decision. A simple decision can trigger many positive or negative consequences in our lives and in the same way, it can affect those around us and the circumstances of our environment, as the case may be, so be careful!

While researching the subject, I came across some decisions that somehow changed the course of history, important decisions, perhaps insignificant taken in fractions of a second but that somehow had transcendental and crucial consequences, let's review some of them.

Abraham Lincoln and his passion for theatre


Sixteenth U.S. President Abraham Lincoln was shot in the head while attending a performance of Tom Taylor's Our American Cousin at the Ford Theater in Washington, D.C., accompanied by his wife and two guests.

Despite the premonition that the president had some years ago that he dreamed of a funeral in the white house where he was the dead person, that night he made the decision to go to the theater without his personal bodyguard, then John Wilkes Booth saw the opportunity to approach and mortally injure him.

Titanic sinking "Accidents cannot occur until they occur"


It sank on the night of April 14, 1912 when it hit an iceberg. Only about 700 people survived, more than 1500 people died Was it an avoidable accident?

There are many versions around the sinking of the largest ship in the world, the imposing Titanic, and all converge in the bad decisions, little tactics, which led to the sinking of it. It is said that the speed was too fast, taking into account the danger of icebergs in the area which made it difficult to avoid the huge block of ice that was found on the road, minimizing the risks they could face, internal communication errors. The lifeboats went half empty by decision of the captain of the ship, thus avoiding saving more lives.

The last parade of a president. A bad decision?


Another shocking and significant assassination involving an American leader occurred in November 1963, when a sniper shot in Dallas, Texas, killed one of the most promising and charismatic men in politics, John Kennedy, two years after being elected president...

It is said that the deceased president had begun to prepare for the 1964 elections, doing what is usually done, walking the streets of the city in the company of his wife, however it is said that he decided to go in the car with the hood down, which made it easier for the murderer to fulfill the mission entrusted to him

Steve Jobs Returns to Apple


In December 1996, Steve Jobs returned to Apple. The company was in serious financial trouble, and Gil Amelio, then CEO of Apple, decided to go for Jobs.
Undoubtedly one of the great decisions that changed the course of humanity was to bring back Steve Jobs to Apple, at that time the company went through a strong economic situation receiving very low incomes, once this great visionary takes the leadership of the company its profits multiplied; from the creation of modern products, novelties changed the lives of people including iPods, iPhone or iPads.

Some decisions can radically change our lives, others perhaps not so much. It is for this reason that some suggestions can be considered that will allow us to make the right decisions at the right time.

  • Analyzing the decision you are going to make by considering the pros and cons. The possible consequences and outcomes of a decision can guide you to avoid mistakes and foresee unwanted future consequences.

  • Consider the options before making a decision, and establish the most important ones or prioritize them, in this way you will have a clearer vision of the possible scenarios and the decisions we are going to make.

  • Study in depth the advantages and disadvantages of each option: The questions: what to do, how to do it, and if I'm wrong, it's valid, as it will allow you to evaluate the possible results, the risks you run and what you're willing to assume.


It is important to reference the approach of Carl Jung who talks about the great decisions that are made in life and how personality can influence them. Jung says that there are people who make decisions using a thought with a clearer and more objective vision. For example: make a "cold" analysis, with little passion and see the situation as an object under study, from an external perspective. This kind of thinking acts quickly to identify and reflect on mistakes.

On the contrary, when feelings are the protagonists or they have a greater weight at the time of making decisions, they are more inclined towards motivation, the circumstances that are part of the environment in the situation, the points of view of others are taken into account, the harmony and well-being of the rest. Now ask yourself:

Are you thinking or feeling when making decisions?

In particular, I think that the most suitable thing is to take all in consideration and complement ourselves with a little of each one of them in order to make correct and assertive decisions, don't you think? following our instinct can also be valid, trusting ourselves at the moment of making a decision. In the same way, we commit ourselves to it, once a decision has been made, to do what is necessary to carry it out with determination and, of course, assuming the consequences. So let's enjoy this process, which is not always a headache, leave those battles in your head, this will undoubtedly lead us to have confidence in ourselves since the practice will make it easier.

by @luces

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You present a very clear article with quite pertinent recommendations, @luces. As humans we are exposed to that dialectic of decisions, successes and mistakes. Indeed, in the face of decisions that may be of relevance we must weigh their pros and cons, remain calm and question ourselves about the matter.
In any case, we will never be safe from mistakes, and we must also assume our failures.
Thank you for your post, @luces.

@luces, Life is full of mysteries but we have to hold the balanced mindset to deal with the obstacles of life. One thing is sure and that is, every action brings results may be positive or negative.

No one will clearly see the future but we have to take the decisions with self belief and let's see how future will unfold.

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That was amazing! That's it all I say.

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Fascinating topic. If only we knew...
I agree most decisions should be made with a cold brain, impulsive decisions usually end up in disasters, especially when the feelings that move them are anger, jealousy or grief. But sometimes, it is good to add a warm "heart" to any cold-reasoned decision.
Some people tend to define themselves as law-abiding citizens, for example, but what happens when a law is unjust and dire consequences derive from enforcing or following it?
A balance can be found and each individual can make a difference by making the best decision possible.
Buu, who determines what is best?
In retrospect it is always easy to question decisions, but in the heat of the moment the best decision is the one each one takes with the knowledge available and the mindset each one has.

@adsactly life is full of surprised . here you noted how many times do we find ourselves in a situation in which we don't know what to do? . but we can learn it . after it comes we know what we do now ? but i say your post is #AWESOME. #thanks