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Adopt Me!!

So what's this thing about?

Once a week we will pick one Freewriter (plankton/redfish) and we are going to adopt them.

We will upvote 1 post per day of the adopted steemians. We will also resteem 1 of their post per day for 7 days.

Hopefully, many of you will support the redfish/minnow of the week as well and the steemian will grow in this platform.

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How Do You Get Picked?

  • Every week, we will make a post to pick 1( or 2) new steemians.

  • In the comments, write "ADOPT ME!"

That is all.

As long as this applies:

  • You Must be a FREEWRITER
  • You DON'T SPAM

Easy, right? So if you're a plankton/minnow, post original content and don't fill The Steem Blockchain with spam - then you can be adopted!

Also: You can nominate people to be adopted. Just write their name in the comments. If you do, please check and make sure that all the conditions apply to your nominee.

We will:

  • Check the profiles of all the people who apply
  • announce the name of the adopted Redfish(s) in a post.
  • The steemian(s) will get 7 days of upvotes and resteems!
  • We will use the hashtag #adoptme for all posts associated with this initiative.

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The Uncle/Auntie Idea

To make this more impactful, we have aunties and uncles.

If you want to help, become an uncle/auntie to the adopted steemians!

How is that done?

Easy! Just resteem our adopted steemian(s) post for a week! That way you will help them to get more exposure here in this platform. If you want, you can give them an upvote as well.

Tell us if you want to be an auntie/uncle.

We already have some dedicated Aunties and Uncles that are very supportive.

@kaelci is sponsoring each adoptee with 2 shares of SBI!!

Uncle Bruni @wonderwop is upvoting, resteeming, and encouraging all the adopted little fish.

adopt me fish.png

Let's do this!

Go and write Adopt Me! In the comments below.


Tell a small fish about this!!!

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What Some of our Adoptees Wrote:

Here is a beautiful reflection on her experience with the Freewrite House from our adoptee @owasco.

@rokhani also wrote about his adoption

adopt me fish.png

How Adopt Me! got Started

@blacklux had a fabulous idea - to adopt a redfish or minnow (or two) every week.

#adoptme is the hashtag to follow to support the newcomers and/or older little fish on this platform.

A redfish/plancton has less than 500 SP and no significant amount of Steem or SBD just sitting in the wallet. A minnow has less than 5000. For our purposes - we want to support the newcomers, we are looking for people with less than 1000 SP.

@ blacklux put out the call:

"I would like to see people doing the same, if we all adopt someone we can all grow together!"

And we listened.

The Freewrite House decided to join the fun!! Of course, being the Freewrite House, we are going to pick Freewriters for this process.


adopt me fish.png

Join us at the Isle of Write in the freewriter - retreat

art and flair courtesy of @PegasusPhysics

adopt me fish.png

Make sure to Join the 5-Minute Freewrite Daily Prompt found @mariannewest.

Look for this


Check out These Contests and Events at the Freewrite House @freewritehouse

  • The Freewritehouse Literary Talent Award - English & Spanish

  • Freewrite House Author Reading Contest

  • WE-Write

  • Recommend Your Favorite Freewrite & Freewrite Poetry

  • Adopt Me!

  • Beta Readers Group -ongoing - sing up anytime

  • Steemzuela Ventest - Fables of Venezuela - English & Spanish

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We must have alotta powerful #freewriters with over 1000sp in the bank. 😺

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~ sidles in with a nomination ~

@myjob :)



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You certainly are a Redfish. but I am not seeing you participating in the Freewrite at all. Please start to be considered for adoption. You find the daily prompt @mariannewest profile.

Here is today's prompt