HEY EVERYONE: Meet my new Minnow! She is the best minnow ever...

in adoptaminnow •  last year

*photo by @brandyb

Silly ETH users settle for #cyptokitties . . .  but we have something better.  We can adopt minnows and watch them grow and change and develop fishtributes!  


I first wrote about my plan to live vicariously through others below:


I have picked a very special minnow to live out my failed dreams.  I would like to introduce you to @brandyb, she is amazing at everything she does.  She is pretty and smart and talented and she has cool hair.  So, please show her lot's of support so I can guilt her about this for years to come.

I will..   Not just adopt, but take an unnatural, over-involved interest in her Minnow's life.  Until I grow bored of her and she is left to survive on her own.  (About a month)

She thinks she was adopted by a nice dolphin, but little does she know, she is getting this:

*photo by @elgeko


During this time, hopefully others will see her fishtributes and ad her to their voting bots, she will gain some Steem Power and Followers, she will have someone to ask questions.  After which best case outcome she will be ready to swim the sea of Steem alone leaving me with that joyful feeling of being helpful, as well as the opportunity to throw it in her face should we ever disagree!

Ideas that "spawned" from this:

A Project where we sell and trade minnows (or other items)!  They would have to work hard to create an awesome "Why Adopt Me Posts" and the best content creators would be revealed.  For Larger Minnows, Dolphins and Whales, it would be a great place to see the creativity and commitment of new users, but mostly actually encourage "Attention Grabbing Content".

(I know it is tacky as can be, but this is the Internet and Tacky is fun)

It could make hysterical trading cards/digital images.

It could also serve as kind of a mentoring program and support as we all know there is a lot to learn when you come on-board.  It would raise the standard of helping minnow to those who are truly good at content creation vs. purchasing votes on whatever content one puts out there.  

It does not create an unhealthy dependency, because the idea is that you would support and protect them as minnows, as well as assist as needed.  They have a short time to learn the ropes and then the goal is to create a healthy, self-sustaining minnow who does not require joining a club or group.  (kind of like parenting)

Hmm.  It could add just one more way to notice minnows and make the Blogging Community Fun.

(If you don't like minnows this is also a great way to launch your Sock-Puppet!) - calm down, I am kidding.

Let's crowd source this idea and the tools it might need to support it.

What do you think?

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Those will be lucky minnows who are being adopted this way and I am sure this is not only good for them but also for this community and @whatsup you are doing great job.

So keep it up and have a great day.

Hei , that's a nice ideea.
I kinda felt adopted by you when i first started

Anyway, i'll add her to my steem voter to support this initiative .Just 4 cents, hope it helps.


Of Course it helps and thank you very much.

nice concept indeed, when you announced it i knew it would be an great chance for all the newbies and you have given a great opportunity for @brandyb. We can now see the development of a newly adopted minnow.
Hope others will join you with this concept.


Good to see that "minnows are tradable commodity" now in steemit.

So this is the best development in the year end.

thank you @whatsup .....steem on and stay blissful.


lol, we will see whether or not it kicks off.

so cool @whatsup! i would definitely take part in selling and trading minnows ;) reminds me a little of initiation at boarding schools here

how did you meet your minnow? i often find interesting minnows in #introduceyourself, but then after a while they disappear.


I made a post about adopting a minnow. She responded and she "got" my sense of humor in the post, she had some content and she seemed to be taking SteemIt seriously.


Cool! I did see your post after I asked. It’s a great idea💓

Omg. I love that Shark photo, bad ass!
Your pretty awesome, keep up the community building

Hey @brandyb, Congrats for being taken care of by a dolphin. I hope you learn a lot from your care taker. You're lucky that this dolphin chose you from all the minnows here at Steemit. This one month can change your life. So, I wish you all the best for your future here at Steemit in particular.

Amazing job dear @whatsup. Though you picked just one minnow yet you won thousands of hearts. Keep spreading the awesomeness. Supporting you by giving you a shout out.

Steem On!

You are a very lucky Minnow! You found a great care taker and I know how serious she is! Take this as an opportunity and do your best! @whatsup is a very helpful Dolphin in STEEMIT ocean! Actually not a Dolphin, she is a kind of Shark! So, do your best and wish you a great of luck!

Great concept and that's what this STEEMIT ocean needs!



Haha! Imma Shark. @brandyb is going to make this platform great again!


Actually you are a Shark! I understood it the very first day I started to read your posts!


you will be shaping someone's life great @whatsup help her along this beautiful journey :)

Great idea and I fully agree that the support of those who create high-quality and interesting content is very important, both for the authors themselves and for our ecosystem as a whole! Thank you @whatsup and keep us informed of what's happening!

What an stupendous idea you presented @whatsup!!! I hope, many other whales and dolphoins also join you in this super amazing concept.

Congratulations @brandyb! You're lucky indeed. ☺

A Project where you can sell and trade minnows sounds like fun :) Id like too take a look at the trading cards if you make them!

Wow! Just wondering, from where such creative ideas come in your mind, haha! You're setting all new level on steemit and we are very proud of you @whatsup!

@brandyb, your way to become a dolphine is very clear, lucky you! Best wishes! 💫

With Steem at $3.25, she's a happy minnow !!

A great project started by you and will surely help the minnows to grow here.

a merminnow !!

I think your minnow does have cool hair! I like your idea of being helpful without creating an unhealthy dependency.


you for sure have adopted a lovely Minnow I have known here a little while and she is well worthy of this honor :)


Oh... You know her.. This is interesting! I might have to establish a funky relationship with you so I can try to leverage your relationship if I need to manipulate her or spy on her or something.

Hello to the cutest minnows of all time :) take care and have fun

Ehmmm, @whatsup, do whales like to adopt philosophers writing about life value, social norms, and similar never-ending topics?

And if someone would adopt me, what would happen if my real parents would find out? :O

Hiii @whatsup, always your posts are impressive. your this post about the adoption of minnow is great initiative to help and support minnows. @brandyb you are special and lucky that you selected here. keep it up my best wishes for you.
I realy impressed and appreciated your continously generous support here specialy to minnows. love your efforts.thanks.

Wow amazing concept one. .I appreciate to your post ...Carry on my friend ...Best of luck. .

Great post. I like this post
Upvote and following updates....

Nice post!

wow this is great so happy to know this lets help a minnow to become a whale :D great initiate

Lol, funny photo
Still cool though @whatsup

Such a wonderful and useful idea by @whatsup
I think your minnow is best...I'm realy like, repected and supported for ur valuble idea...
Good luck...

very funny picture. great editing. looks like mermaid

very helpful postings for me, thank you @whatsup have shared a very good post, a very unique and useful picture, that I really like it, it makes my mind deeper.

@whatsup, Smart decision you choose new minnow when you wrote from past post. It will be more advantage to join new comers to you. I surely believe with @brandyb you'll receive more opportunities.

The illustration by the pic is really awesome and thoughtful and the pics uploaded by you is speaking much more than the content of this article.

Thank you and I see both @whatsup and @brandyb as successful steemian.

Nice Post soo funny

Great Photo
I liked this very much
Thank you. You are sparkling and will remain so



lol! you sparkly shark, you!


I do not understand

Hi @ whatsup awesome. i upvoted and followed you Great post
Very good job. Thanks for sharing

Very interesting and strong idea. Now at steemit this is good to know that Minnows can be adopted. This practice is good for the both : Minnows & Community. Great job done dear @whatsup. All the best and Stay blessed!

You got a 6.55% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @whatsup!

Nice and useful idea by @whatsup
I think Minnow is very useful to all steemians...
Congratz and wel done sir...

Funny pictures... Mermaid and a woman wrestling with shark lol

Congratulations to her let make steemit great again ; )

hehe its funny..

its great when we all help each other :)

its like a rebirth experience for sure hahah put her in water :D just kidding have fun

This post has received a 4.55 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @whatsup.

great minnow deserves great reward no doubt :) all the best to her

keep her healthy and fine and help us minnow too with all you love and support :)

Crypto mommy s got a new pet an I'm jealous. I'll try to be nice

so cool thing this is help her and advice here along the way to become a dolphin :)

you riding the big waves :)

This is an awesome idea. And you picked a good one with @brandyb!

@whatsup - Ma'm this is a nice concept... Than adopting a kitty why people can't adopt a minnow, a real minnow... Nice concept & I wish someone will decide to adopt me too...


I think it is great @whatsup, there should be more intellectual and philanthropic interactions between whales/dolphins and minnow/plankton. I guess concepts like "adopt a minnow" is what works here, since this place tends to be a bit "clicky"... New users do need an experienced companion...
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