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RE: Communication Deficiency and Inhibiting Delusions - Why Commenting is Essential to Everyone's Success on Steemit

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"I have been reading your blog for the last 40minutes, not how I planned my day would go."

WOAH! I think that's too much time to be spending on my blog, but I am grateful nonetheless @rensoul17! As far as reality shifts go, I think you are right—as soon as we change our mental state, it's as though we are dawning rose-colored sunglasses to match our new core belief with the rest of our reality. By doing this, I believe that we become more intune with opportunities we would have missed otherwise.

That diary entry was a lot of me working out what I noticed around me, all of the things that began to change that made me wonder why coincidence would not be enough to suffice. I wholehreartedly believe that when we chhange our perspective, our actions and reactions begin to manifest in the world around us. Other people respond in kind, but I think it's mostly subconcious—if the whole scenario wasn't weird enough already!

I take character breaking as a sign of a reality shift. Also that since the only real moment we experience right now is the current moment, the future and the past must be in flux—only held in place by how we choose to envision or recall an experience.

There will be more reality shifting posts, but please bear with me, it takes a lot of focus to be able to writer this type of subject. I better go check out what @staceyjean had to say!!

"Sometimes we don't have to say anything our feelings can permeate the atmosphere in such a way that it can make magical things happen or if it's low energy it can funk up space to the point where it makes it toxic."

I believe this to be true as well.

The love is real thank you so much!


Thank you for responding. I love the fact that you are an experimentalist as well. Based on what you said about reality shift. To me this is such good news because for the past year I have been gradually making a progressive move in a new direction in life. And two days ago I asked myself why did it take so long for me to do it. And I thought about how I repeated the same failures or mis -takes so many times and as well experienced the same drama. And what came to me was It was not just what I experienced but also where I was, my actions, my thoughts, kept me in the same space and I only attracted those that shared the same type of space as well and our frames or bubbles magnetically found each other. It's like when a person says I don't like being here. Here is actually a place within the physical construct we live in. I feel its like being in a twilight zone with glass windows and you can see across the street but you can't get there because you are not suppose to be there based on your thoughts, mindset and your actions up to this point, but if you radically changed the way you thought everything would shift and your environment and the frames in which you were previously stuck would fall away and the elevator doors to that construct within a construct would magically open. I hope I did not lose you. Please share with me what you think based on what you know to be truth I am open and trying to figure it all out and I hope I did not waste your time. @shello.

Heya @rensoul17,

I'm tasting some existential crisis here. I'm so happy that Steemit actually brought me someone that knows what the f*** I'm talking about. Although my musings are interesting, I feel appreciated—let me see what I can do. That diary entry was only the most recent shift (as there were many more in the same timeline before this one).

I also wrote a post that might help with the reoccurring events, errors and mistakes that you appear to be going through regardless of how much you feel you should be progressing. It's at the bottom of this comment, and for me—learning the lesson inside each experience allowed me to transform any past negative situation into something positive, more align and in tune with the reality I wanted to shift towards!

A mistake I found when trying to shift to a different reality than the current one you are experiencing is in recalling a memory. Retrocausality okay? Hope I don't lose you here.

Every time we recall a memory, it's of an event that no longer exists—only now exists. So when we remember, what we do is solidify thoughts and reinforce with emotion our energy from now, into that past memory. Making it stronger and harder to shift. This is important.

You have to choose to remember the event differently, but it still has to be believable to you. So when I see a situation that was bad and not what I wanted, I look for that hidden lesson that will bring me one step closer.

Right now, I imagine that you can see the reality you want—but it's behind a glass, and you can't break through to the same plane it's on.

"I feel its like being in a twilight zone with glass windows and you can see across the street but you can't get there because you are not suppose to be there based on your thoughts, mindset and your actions up to this point, but if you radically changed the way you thought everything would shift and your environment and the frames in which you were previously stuck would fall away and the elevator doors to that construct within a construct would magically open."

It's exactly this. BUT! You have to continue to persist long after you could think of giving up. I'm not going to lie to you, things like this to most rational people is borderline insanity. I've already seen some crazy shi* though. You won't be able to raise the dead okay? But if you've ever heard of the string of fate that connects everyone and everything. It's very much real, and your reality can move through it.

I'm more than willing to continue exploring reality shifting.

With love,

Oh you talking about DNA explosions, and light bulbs coming on, yES!!! I get you I do get I got to get the lesson and Oh I will not be giving up I get tired but I 'm not giving up. I have heard of the string of fate but have not experienced it. I want to experience it. My gift is clairsentient. I feel everything, when my boyfriend says one thing but his emotions and thoughts are screaming something dark and low energy it totally shuts me down, yet I have learned with him and others and situations to be ahead of the game,I have a knowing that allows me to prepare and know what to do way before stuff happens. Now I am preparing to pick up and move to another state in the fall I don't know how its going to happen but I have a deep knowing that it will to the point that I can taste and feel it. Its exciting and I don't mind living on that mental edge I know how far to go and where not to roam. And you seem to have just magically appeared when I read your first post it was confirmation that a door had been opened to the level of life I want to live at and surround myself only with people that are breathing air at that level. Speaking of solidifying thoughts and reinforcing with emotion our energy can that not also work with what we want to project for the future that will become the present. Can't I imagine and feel how my dream life design would be (like they said in the movie The Secret) long enough to bring it from thought into physical manifestation kind of like you did with "k". I don't know where your are or what time it is, but its really late here like 4:30am. So I am going to bring this convo to a close. I do hope you respond and I am loving all of this and it is needed. Thank you I will be reading and rereading so much that you said and the link you left. I am grateful.

Take your time replying c: This is the most fun I've had in quite a while.

Yeah, a lot of times it will feel that all the effort is for naught—but those are the exact times not to be giving up! In a way, learning the lesson will free you of the experience. I've looked the internet over for more clues regarding the string of fate that connects everyone to no avail. What I can say is that you will be able to believe in anything once you see it happen.

Clairsentient? At some level everyone has some psychic ability, but like any other skill it can be trained. Sometimes I know some really weird things without any foreknowledge. Another's energy field can shut people down, I think it comes to being able to refocus and redirect our own energies.

Moving to a different state, will end up how you think it will. Your story is beginning to remind me of my first reality shift and how it all started. I had to mentally break myself to achieve it, but I'll never regret it. I've decided to post it at some point but it will be a really long write up.

The Secret had some very valid points, but I feel in it's presentation, a lot of it was skewed in "over glamorization". Now I do want you to keep in mind that I'm just another person, and by no means a teacher in any spiritual sense. I'm also excited because "K" had manifested twice since that post—both indirectly, but it's a nod that the energy signature is present.

It's 10:51 pm Hawaii time, you must be on the East Coast somewhere!! Get some sleep, and we'll catch this up again soon!~ <3

Regarding the string of fate, this is what I found on the internet that I thought was rather interesting.

And I also found this one which kind of goes in a different direction but may have some merit. The reason I included this one is because for decades I have had this memory of a biblical story in my head that has to do with the tribes of Israel's rescue this woman who sneaked them into the city of their enemies by leaving them a sign that it was the time to attack.

The sign she left was a crimson cord hanging from the top of an outer wall, which also happened to be where this woman lived(inside of the wall)
Anyway because of this woman who was considered a harlot helped God's chosen people the Israelites were able to take the city and when they left they took the woman with them. I traced the lineage of this woman from the Old Testament to the New Testament of the Bible and it led all the way to Jesus Christ, which meant she was destined to be apart of the Israelites history and lineage.

(My Doctorate Degree is in World Religious Studies and the languages that accompanied these Religions.) So here is the second link.

Also regarding me moving to a different State soon where I will have 2 roommates, I found your aritcle extremely helpful and I will share it with the other two people that I will be rooming with. This is your article to which I am referring.


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