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RE: Communication Deficiency and Inhibiting Delusions - Why Commenting is Essential to Everyone's Success on Steemit

in #adifferentmeta5 years ago

I find it strange that more people don't inject a bit of personality into their comments. This is the internet! Isn't the whole point to interact with humans with wildly different views?

It's weird because some people are perfectly okay with shouting into the void... but goddess forbid people shout back. Insane, right?

I think people forget that they are braver than they believe, after all you made an account where you're free to profess all your opinions for the world. That takes a wee bit of courage , no?


Indeed it does take courage, and even I'm a fraidy cat at times. But I am starting to see why sometimes it's hard to comment or even reply—when my head is all wrapped up in other things. I overthink very easily, and oftentimes a comment that should take me a couple minutes ends up being much longer.

I like shouting into the void... Sometimes it shouts back c;

And that is the beauty of the internet (^o^)

There's always someone that might hear you out :3

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