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RE: Communication Deficiency and Inhibiting Delusions - Why Commenting is Essential to Everyone's Success on Steemit

Hmm... I don't just know where to start my comment from @shello 😁. I have this astonishing attitude of reading your post no matter how long it is due to the impact you poured into me. You made me feel hopeful on steemit despite my low earnings. Thanks for your support 🙌😀.

Commenting on people post has been a major source of success for most people on steemit today. Just as you have said "leave comment that will make the author curious to know more about you." Good quality comment can lead to social interaction and communication amongst steemit members which enhances support and success.

I don't sometimes feel comfortable if I don't read your blog sometimes. This is due to the legacy you have laid towards me when you visit my blog sometimes with comprehensive act and good comment. I can testify to what you've spoken about on how extremely busy everyone is such that you go on errand and perform your daily activities. But the real fact is you never forget your real friends on steemit which I am proud and happy to be one of them🙌😁.

I noticed your post scarcity that past weeks and also I became suspicious when I read one of your recent article about your depression.
I want you to know you are special with powerful qualities. Don't be discouraged by your performance in school or your professor's reaction towards you. There is huge success coming your way, you just have to keep trying and never give up as you always tell me 😁. Just keep believing yourself, avoid distractions, focus, be determined, don't think you can please everyone because you are to live and love your life happily.


Nods I'm working on making all of my comments shorter, because I can easily lose the words to speak. I want to be online more instead of fearing what to do when I write. I have a load to catch up on, and am trying to push myself a little more these days.

Depression is not fun at all. A big part of it is thinking more than doing, and I know this. I have to remember that while although I want to conciously be in the moment, it's a state of mind, and not a permanent state of being.

I'm blessed to have awesome friends always leaving me comments :D And although mine are late today, I appreciate you! <3

U are always welcome @shello with love from @hardaeborla

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