Are You Adicted to Your phone? Here are some tips to stop phone and social media addiction

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How many times a day you check your smartphone or social media profile, if you check it from 1 to 10 times a day its normal but if you check your phone 10 to 100 times a day its might be a addiction and addiction is not good for your health you can record your activities by using top steem based dapp @actifit this may help you to monitoring your daily routine and with actifit you can stop phone or social media addiction #socialmediaaddiction after understanding how much Time you spend on using your smartphone

If you spend to much time on social media or smart phone its dafinatly effect you mental health and body fitness ,phone addiction make you less productive ,you must sleep properly and do other tasks to keep your body and mind healthy

Uninstall unusefull apps or Turn of your phone notifications and use don't disturb mood or go out without your smartphone its may be uncomfortable for you but its really helpful for stopping and braking your smartphone addiction

May be you are a famous Youtuber or content creators or website designer you must have a discipline in your daily life, Smartphone or computer and internet is not end of life
I am not asking you to stop using smartphone or internet for you business or passion but keep in mind your health must be your first priority divide your time or make a routine for every task you have in your life

Don't waste your time for taking selfies to share on Facebook or Instagram for just getting more likes do some productive activities focus on quality not quantity
Don't become a slave of your smartphone or social media, everything should depends on your life and health, your life and health should not depends on smartphone or social media

People also lived a healthier life when there is not a smart phone nobody used smartphone
Use your smartphone for just important tasks for example you can create some two or three posts in a day and post it on @steemit @esteemapp etc to get some rewards ,create a helpful or good video and upload on YouTube to make some extra money, you may use you smartphone phone to learn some in demand skills ,this is a good and necessary use of smartphone but if you are using your phone all day for just entertainment it's not good time is money don't waste it on unproductive activities

Take care of yourself first, eat healthy food go for exercise get proper sleep meet your relatives and friends and family do some offline work to establish your business after that you can use your phone to do some important tasks

Life is not only for making money or getting rich every thing needs time don't waste to attract others first take care of yourself
We are spending hours to make some money online but we don't spend few minutes to help others

We are bombarded with news and information on internet we are not here to see and watch everything which is available online, we should be selective and not waste over time on things that don't related to over life and work

Everyone knows any activity undertaken for the purpose if earning profits is called business and any online activity undertaken for earning profits and rewards if also online business
Mostly people and especially organizations and companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google CNN and BBC all doing there business
We should mind over business and don't related each and every news to over business and life

Above are some thoughts I share with you to help to stop social media addiction and smartphone addiction I am not a native English speaker or I don't have a experience about how to write an article in English I try my best to explain what I think about this topic please share your opinion and thoughts in comments about this topic and how I improve my article writing skills
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I never check my phone. I work on it. I have no computer. In a very rare occasions I receive a phone call from my child. Friends, family do not call me but send me a WhatsApp. I answer when I have time. They do the same with me. It can take days, weeks or sometimes we talk this way for a short time.

The rest of the messages are from my e-mail box, mainly government-related. I do not use it to stay in touch with family/friends.

The only other media I use is WordPress and Publish0x once in a while.

If I go out my phone stays at home. 💕

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Its means you used your phone occasionally and only you need it that's good

Thank you for explaining. I am always confused if it comes like these kinds of question. I winder how come no one asks if the tv or computer is always switched on... Perhaps I could do that. 🤔 I wish you a great day. 💕

I use the keyboard "Grammarly" it helps you correcting words. Not always helpful if you have a slow connection but if you make type failures, etc it corrects it.
Perhaps it is a help for you too?

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Ok I will try it thanks

Good luck I hope it helps you. 💕

Good tips! I am phone addicted.

I hope this may help you little bit