I only have one heart and I try to do certain things, but what is this heart that is dragging me another way?

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When you search the world of the heart, you will discover two hearts inside of yourself. In 2014, I worked in a primary school where a mother of the one of the students approached me and sincerely said,

"Aunty, my son hit his teacher at school. What am I supposed to do? Animals don't even behave like that. She's my own daughter, but I cannot understand her."

I smiled, "Your daughter did not hit her teacher, it wasn't your daughter that hit the teacher."

The woman was shocked. "Her classmates saw it."

"No ma'am, you're wrong. It wasn't your daughter who hit the teacher." I explained to her why it was not her daughter

Suppose your daughter is playing a computer game. She thinks she is enjoying it and she has to beat two levels and time has passed whereby she need to do her homework and have to study. Then she stops playing games, if that's the case, playing games is not a problem. But if she falls into games and is continually dragged by it, unable to stop playing even if she wants to, then she's not the one playing the game. She is being dragged by the game.

One of my classmates in secondary school played games for 38hours straight. He skipped school and played games all day. It became a problem because He failed to be an undergraduate and hisfatger suffered to pay for his tuition. He tried to put his life back but he wasn't able to.

He concluded to go to school, and not to play games, no matter what. He took a bus to go to school but he got off the bus and went to a game room and started to spend all his cash on games.

He thought, "which one is me? Am I the one trying to quit gaming? Or am I the one trying to play games?" He lost a sense of his identity.

Most of us live going through these kind of problem. But we live thoughtlessly so we live without knowing what kind of problem arise in us.

There is an, 'I' inside of me, and that 'I' is not me.

You can only be dragged by someone who is stronger than you

No matter what it is, when they slowly reflect upon the life they've lived, thoughts different from their own enter them and defeat their own thoughts.
When that happens, they become wicked and evil. In our hearts, many thoughts arises: good and bad thoughts.

If you speak with prison inmates, if they want to tell you about how they commited crime. They will either say, "they were out of their mind, they tried not to do it, they were pulled by something."

When you think about your own heart, you can quickly tell whether you're harboring thoughts you want in your heart or if the thoughts you want in your heart, or if the thoughts you find have been placed in you by someone else


People suffer from addiction of which it is not easy to break free even if they want to. You can't quit your addiction if you don't try to stop the strong power that's pulling you.
A person will give up at a certain point even if they determine themselves not to go back to their addiction.

you have to know in your heart that you have thoughts that are different from yours.

So at the school I worked, I told the woman this, "your daughter didn't hit her teacher but a certain power stirred up the thoughts in her heart. The thoughts overcame her and led her to hit her teacher."

back to addiction

A person who gambles and a person who does drugs. No matter how hard they try to quit, they can't achieve it because they don't know who the source of addiction is. You have thoughts that fight against your own thoughts which it can lead you toward a bad path.
People don't know about this and they are deceived and follow these thoughts even if we don't know where they came from.
These are important things we must know.

Pictures are from Pixabay


When one is conscious of himself. It will be difficult for external forces to corrupt him/her... Welldone, nice post

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