Manziel as a soccer player..

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Let's speak regarding Manziel as a soccer player: he wasn't exceptional associate exceedingly in a very ton of the aspects one likes to check in an NFL quarterback (height, arm strength, mechanics), thus those were hurdles that he was reaching to need to overcome. His biggest benefits (elusiveness, ability to increase plays) were additionally muted somewhat within the NFL, because the varieties of plays that created Manziel “Johnny Football” at school Station (eluding many tacklers associated creating an insane throw off his back foot) were additional seemingly to lead to incompletions, sacks, or interceptions within the professionals.

But the only biggest drawback Manziel had was work ethic. Not each NFL quarterback is as neurotic regarding look film and active as Peyton Manning, however those that have nice success tend to treat quarterbacking as a full-time (and then some) job. Manziel, on the opposite hand, had developed dangerous habits going back to highschool, trusting that he may suppose his athletic gifts and find things done on game day even though he did not place in a lot of work throughout the week. He came into the NFL immature and with some personal problems, enjoying for a dysfunctional franchise. the end result was unfortunate however certain.