Get 100% Upvote for helping someone to participate with ActnEarn actions

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If you have friends on Steem and they also have social media presence outside steem. Then you can earn 100% upvote from us. Procedure is explained below:

  1. Make sure the target account you help has total >=1000 followers on all his/her social accounts excluding steem
  2. Explain and help them to complete relevent tasks as described in How can you earn rewards with ActnEarn for our latest posts e.g. Monetize Your Social Media Channels with ActnEarn SMT : Action # 39
  3. Make sure they complete Steem, SKORR and Instagram related actions for sure
  4. Then while he/she replies -ask him/her to write your steem account in reply as " Helped by - @yoursteemaccountname" in last line
  5. In this post you reply as " Helped @accountnameyouhelped" to reply - "Reply link"

We will upvote your reply here in this post for all valid entries with 100% upvote.

Accounts eligible to participate in this are listed below:

@aburashed @actnearn @ajaykumar4 @amritmahal @annuji @cryptosandy1 @desikaamukkahani @dreamseller @hamza76 @ikrahch @inderjot @ishaq1012 @jhoanfred @kamaltyagi @kanika2 @lovefinder @monaji @moniristi @newstrending @nkleet @prameshtyagi @rashmityagi @sandy77 @shanit-motive4u @shihabieee @shreeram1 @soluce07 @steemchatapp @storywriters @tehmi @vikasgoel1234

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Although I'm eligible to take a part but I couldn't able to help anyone cause my friends don't have such fan followings in their social media.

Wow. Great opportunity

#resteemed #like this post.. because i like your post your a really good helper on steemit. you can check i follow you last 2 months.. its great.. well done.. thank brother

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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

Help this guy, he is great and helpful guy on steemit,,,,,, thanks @actnearn sir

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But you didn't not enter the link of his/her contribution to check and upvote


Sir need your help for my steemit journey

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