Announcement of Changes in ActnEarn Working

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We have run our service for 2+ months. In these two months we have learned following:

  1. Few Key Steemians have raised objections to our way of working
  2. We grew in first month and stagnated in second month. Possible reason is number of active steemians have reduced significantly due to bear phase
  3. The procedure that we are using might be confusing and keeping many participants away
  4. When we analyze the walls of most of the doers/influencers who are working with us, we find that they have no other content on their walls except ours. And this is very serious issue. We want to engage with those doers/influencers who engage with their followers mostly through their own content.

In view of these observations we have decided to make following changes

  1. We will not post daily
  2. We will post only once in a week or if and when there is sponsored content
  3. We will encourage our doers/influencers to create their own content to promote actnearn and will upvote the same if found of good quality
  4. The upvote weight will be doubled to compensate for reduced activity
  5. Weight on engagement score from SKORR will be increased to 50% from current 33% to compute upvote weight
  6. We will convert our account into bid-bot till the dedicated apps are developed
  7. We will develop our apps to simplify the process of participation
  8. We will deploy functions on our apps to attract and retain non-steemian community

What we expect these changes would help us

  1. Reduced activity will improve quality as well as reduce steemian's objection
  2. Doers/Influencer driven content will bring diversity in the content
  3. Doers/Influencers will have time to post their own content, not actnearn related, to engage with their followers
  4. Our investors/delegators will earn from unused capacity through bid-bot.
  5. The apps will be designed in such a way so that steemians objection is minimized as well as it makes participation by doers/influencers very easy

Note - There is no change in ActnEarn Token earning concept by our investors, delegators, and doers/influencers

Comments, suggestions, and feedback is welcome from all stakeholders.

This is only for announcement purpose. No action is required by any doer/influencer.

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