1st Agorist/Counter Economy Meet up/Exchange

1st Counter Economy Meet up/exchange in North Eastern WA

1st market flyer.jpg


Our first free exchange of goods is coming this Saturday! 2 freedom loving groups are supporting this effort. Columbia Plateau Voluntaryist's freedom cell and People's Rights Washington Area 8(north eastern Washington state) support freedom over the current oppression we face for not complying with mask and vaccine mandates that are becoming ever so popular. If you don't want to be part of the "great reset" where you will "own nothing" and allegedly "be happy" with that then it's time to join the "GREATER RESET" and take the freedom we were all born with.
This exchange is about a truly free society not governed by words written on paper that can be changed based on the whims of who is in charge but instead based on natural/god's law which are observable everywhere in nature and are universal. We will abide by the non aggression principle meaning as long as we don't hurt or threaten to hurt anyone else, don't damage or steal anyone else's property or defraud anyone else we should have no force used against us.


If you want to take part in our first market and are in the area details are below. Feel free to download the jpeg file of the flyer posted here to share and spread the word on social media or for use as a reference in creating your own for your area. There is also a link below to a pdf version if you would like to print it out.

We will not be asking permission to be free and live our lives from the ruling/predator class. Instead we will live as free men and women and by the non aggression principle. The exchange will encourage bartering or using crypto currency or some other means than fiat currency to acquire any goods. Of course most of us still rely on the international banking cartel's fiat currency so that will be an option however we encourage you to find alternate means of acquiring your desired goods at the exchange. If you have any questions or concerns email me at [email protected]

Most of all have fun and meet some new freedom loving friends!


LOCATION - Franklin Park, Parking Lot off of Queen Ave/Division St, Spokane, WA
WHEN - 5/8/21 from 9 - 11am

link to pdf version of flyer for download