Prepare for the Coming Smart Prison

in activism •  2 years ago  (edited)

Max Igan interviewed by Derrick Broze at Anarchapulco Feb 2018 in Acapulco Mexico

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Thanks for advising on another thing we need to get prepared to handle.

Hi Max. It's Chris Harrigan. Glad to see your Steemit account gaining some very well deserved traction. Very glad to have met you. Documentary soon to come. Thanks for the interview.

Many thanks brother. I am going to be posting to Steemit a lot more from this point and uploading my weekly shows to DTube as well ;)

ohh, good, as soon as possible your idea,clear and well this interview.![]

Interesting view on the dark side of smart tech, eye opener with regards to China censorship trial, followed.

These smart prisons look like the new amazon markets

For the lazy and/or impatient: the actual discussion of smart prisons starts at 6:11.

Hey Max! One of my favorite speeches at Anarchapulco this year. I wasn't aware of you before; following you now. : ) I appreciate how you lay it out clean and clear. Right on mate! Love it!

Many thanks for your kind words Xelda :)

So many Steemians at Anarchapulco that I didn't get to meet. I'll make a better attempt and come more prepared next year.

Good speech dear

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many thanks :)

whether it's a secret talk,


Hey Max,

I spoke with you at Anarchapulco for a few minutes Thanks, you were gracious with your time.

I just added my first post here on Steemit and hope you'll check it out. Kind of 'trippy', and esoteric, partly a result of a profound experience I undertook a little later.

Thanks again,
Mike M.