The undertaking of a new action brings new strength. (Richard L. Evans)

in #action2 months ago

It can often be hard to do something new. But, what you will very often experience is that as you start with something new, you will also receive the strength and the power to do so.

You will often find it hard to get started with exercise, especially if you feel tired and you have just had breakfast or a good lunch. But, when you first get started, it might take a few minutes, but then you will get going and you will feel and experience how the new action really brings new strength.

This can also deal with your daily habit of writing articles on Steemit, or maybe if you decide to eat less candy, drink less coke, or eat healthier. You might not have the strength at all times to do such things, but if you manage to keep it going, you will experience that strength and encouragement will be the result of your action!

In other words, don't stop because you don't feel like, or because you don't feel the strength for the action. The miracle is, the action itself will often bring the power for the real action!

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