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Hi Everybody!

Summers can be wonderful you know... there’s so much going on! Fun things to!

But here’s the thing... I’ve got these objectives I’m striving towards. You know... gaps I want to close! And none of that’s going to happen unless I make it happen!

If it is to be it is up to me!

So yeah! Summers can be all to distracting in all the best ways possible.

The winter months (although difficult and hard here in Canada) provide ample opportunities to focused my efforts. (I mean what else am I going to do right?!) But the summers... they can pull your attention everywhere except for where the goals are.

I’m mindful of this every summer... weighing out the pros and cons of each decision... and in the end I’m resolved to reach and succeed so I use the summer activities as incentives. Incentives for staying focused over the summer!

I have found that if I don’t take the time to plan my week and each individual day... other people or other none important things come along like clock work to claim that time.

Saying, “No.” (nicely) is a sure way to increase the value of my “yes.” and I did a lot of that this week in an effort to prioritize the use of both my time and brain juice.

I made use of that time and I’m quite pleased to say that I managed to improve things this week with a little time spent planning. As I get older and more experienced in life I have realized that it is possible to do a lot... but not EVERYTHING!

The hardest thing, therefore, has been realizing that I need to be more selective of my time, attention, efforts, and even who I spend time with... and that can be difficult for me because whenever someone tells me that somethings not possible or my efforts aren’t needed or wanted... or when I’m having a hard time saying, “No.” Wellllllll! That’s when I want to turn it up and show them how it’s done... BIG DISTRACTION RIGHT?!

This week I worked on laying out my schedule and my MORE & LESS LIST.

I’ll tell you more about that in my next @actifit report. How about that?

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Great stepping Wil💪 and congratulations 👏. Glad you made the right choices and I agree with you about saying no. We definitely have to plan our time wisely as it's limited. Constantly saying yes and trying to do everything can leave you stressed, unaccomplished and burnt out😱
Keep enjoying your weekend, as you organize your time and meet targets 👍😁

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Thank you Eric!

I can tell by how you are expressing in this comment that your a man who understands the power of intention. Yes and No and knowing the appropriate times to use both are important especially when it comes to the vital use of your limited resources of time and energy. I'm in good company.

Thank you for continuing to say, "Yes!" (emphatically) to all of us here within the @actifit project and on the Steem Blockchain! Together (on this platform) our Yes's actually mean something.

I'm wishing you all the best as you go about your day and rack up your steps!


a great step count and saying no to people so you can focus on your self and your goals can be such a challenge one I also often struggle with

It really is a struggle isn't it?! Especially if the people you are saying no to are people that you care a lot about. It's the, "No." however that is required to get those people on the same page as you are. Generating support doesn't come from the "Yes's" it comes from the hard conversations around our, "No's"!

For me it has been hard... But I have found that the more committed I am, the stronger and clearer my goals are, the easier it is to say "No." to all the miriade of distractions out there.

Its something I still struggle with I will admit, I hate saying no, but sometimes you just have to and I find t is generally well taken and respected if you explain why
I am now doing it when needed as I realized my desire to say yes was stopping me at times from doing what I wanted to do

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