My Actifit Activity Log: September 9 2018

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Hi everyone! So... I missed posting my steps yesterday. I did complete my test but then I messed things up by uninstalling the app and reinstalling it! Oops! Shouldn’t have done that! LoL! I didn’t realize that the step data is being stored directly on my app. rather than an online database out there somewhere in cyber space. By deleting and then reinstalling the app I ended up erasing all of my previously collected data on the iPhone app. Live and learn I guess! Initially I was thinking I should do this to make sure I had the best possible current version of the Actifit app. Good thinking but I should have done this in the morning before collecting steps...

So yeah! I guess this happening brought some interesting things to mind. Things I have thought about in depth as previously I was invested (and am still a user) in the Fitbit company.

One of the big reasons I ultimately decided to sell off nearly all of my Fitbit stock and buy Steem Power to delegate to the @actifit project was because of the ownership of my health data. We have all been hearing about how platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google are making in roads to owning data, information, and media that is technically yours... the end user.

Ownership and security on the web is becoming a very real thing as more and more people are publishing their lives online.

The thing about health information is that not only is it of an extremely personal nature it is the sort of data that becomes increasingly more VALUABLE and useful as you extrapolate it over time... especially to central players out their making profits from it.

I’m not saying that Fitbit is using the health information it gathers for any sinister plans to take over the world. (In fact they strip away any personal data associated with studies and information they use.) It’s just that,for me , learning about blockchain technology, has changed the story for me and thereby where I place my money/vote in the mindfulness and fitness tracking marketplace.

I believe that our health data and information should be secured and held by us the end users. It’s a no brainer really! And with technologies like blockchain technology this is, for the first time ever, possible!

I had to weigh in for how I wanted the future of health data and mindfulness tracking to be and that’s why I decided to sell my position in Fitbit and shift over to the Actifit project.

Now I’m not sure if Actifit is actively gathering health data from people using the app... but this is something I’m going to look into and specifically ask @mcfarhat and the other developers. I think it’s important especially all things considered and I believe that projects that preserve the end users sovereignty, freedom, and privacy will end up on the top as we head into a decentralized future.

So there you have it! Those are some of my thoughts as I realized my step count was living on my device rather than online somewhere... at least I think it is. I will follow up with you all as I learn more about this aspect of the @actifit project!

So! All this being said! I was still able to collect the test information from yesterday’s 1 hour and 14 min. walk. (The exact same walk I have been doing over the course of this weeks tests.) I was quite pleased that the test came out well matching closely with that of my Fitbit’s step count. As I described in my last post yesterday’s test comprised of the a comparison in step counts between my Fitbit (strapped to my left wrist) and my actifit iOS app held in my right hand. The iOS app was turned on at the onset of the test and after making sure the app was registering my steps I dropped out of the app to the main screen and turned off the the power to the screen (running in the background). Bellow is the screenshots of both my Actifit step count and my Fitbit step count and as you can see... they are very comparable! Great! 😁

Ok! So now for this mornings test... I’m sorry to say that it didn’t go as well.

This time I put the Actifit app in my right pants pocket after making sure the app was counting my steps and dropping the app into the background while turning off the power to the main screen. With only 343 steps registered I can only guess that for some reason (be it the Actifit app or the iOS device I am using) the app is either crashing, turning off, or going dormant and not tracking steps. I’m still not exactly sure what is going on... but having stopped by the Actifit discord channel, mcfarhat and the rest of his developers seem to be hard at work figuring out a solution to this step tracking conundrum. I’m confident they will find the solution... and in the mean time! I will continue to do what I can by testing the app. Hopefully what I am doing will help the team isolate the problem and fix things... 🙂

Tomorrow’s test will involve going back to a hand held test. I think I’m going to redo the test where I held the app in my right hand and had the app open but the screen off for the duration of the test.

The reason why I am thinking of doing this test again is because throughout today every time I tapped on the Actifit app icon it seemed to relaunch... to me this indicates that the app crashed or went dormant and turned off. So! I’m going to see if the app is still running in the background even if I don’t have it onscreen.

Do any of you guys/girls have any insights or ideas about what we could do as a community to further test out any bugs and speed up the Actifit project? If so I would love to hear from you!

See you all in the morning everyone! 😁

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