#Automaticwin Step Challenge Day Three 1.3.19

in actifit •  20 days ago

Well That's Wierd...

For a few minutes yesterday I thought I had broken my Actifit...ahhhhhhh lol

While I was trying to post last night I kept getting an error. Can you say mini-heart attack? You have no idea. Every time I hit the post button I kept seeing this:

I shit you not when I say I was starting to panic! I was like WTF is going on? Did I break my Actifit!! I was like good thing this isn't being posted at right before midnight like the previous two days or I'd be fucked. It was like 9:30pm when this was all going down, so I had a little time to hopefully get it sorted out. I tried rebooting the Dapp a few times. That didn't help. So then I figured try it without the images. I was still denied the first go, but then it let me post. Great! Such sweet relief...

Imagine my surprise this morning when I took a break from working out to have some coffee & came to edit this & add my screenshot and such where upon this is what I see. I almost spit out my coffee!!! No report card summary image...just this:

Grrrrr. LOL

Good thing I thought to take some screenshots with all the strangeness that had been afoot. Hopefully the bot doesn't overlook me...if so, you know what that means...then the dreaded drop of my ranking would befall me LOL Honestly it's feeling like a real possibility right now eeeeeeeek and that's a shitty one!

Anyways, here's where I was at after the post eventually went through last night

& of course my #AutomaticWin Screenshot

on that note...time to get back to working out! Make it a great #HighFiveFriday and see ya later <333

Much Reiki Love

It is my hope that each of you keep your love lit & make the most of this ever unfolding Now Moment.

Thank you for passing through...

As All-Ways, Thank You for Being YOU!!!




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I know what you mean about a heart attack!! I missed my 40k post about a week ago by 1 minute! But @mcfarhat rescued me from disaster. Such a great community! Great effort g'friend! You are amazing! HIGH FIVE FRIDAY 😎😘

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😱😨Its insane isn't it! How each report card is so precious & dear. They are truly part of us lol, we literally pour ourselves into earning them 😍 I am so happy that @mcfarhat was able to rescue it for you Tammy. Great job btw💖😍😘🙏 Thank you also, you're amazing as well! Happy High Five Friday! 🙌🎉😎✨

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Way to make shoveling a way to gain steem and @actifit tokens.

Keep pushing your fitness tracker

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Riiiight 🙌💖💖💖🙏

And Thank you..will surely Actifit On💪

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Another big actifit day for you well done :)

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Thank you Beautyfull 🙏💖✨

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That's fantastic stepping, it's true you must be sore. Wishing you a fun high five Friday ahead. Let's keep the automaticwin going 👍😁

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Thank you Eric 💖 That extra rest last night helped quite a bit 😁🙏✨

I trust your High Five Friday has been awesomeness🙌💪🎉😎

Yes lets keep the #automaticwin's rolling!! 😍😍😍

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You nice.going great.great community.we are


Thank you 😘 Great job on the 111k btw 😎👑🎉🙏💖💖💖

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Thanks .it is ur love



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hey reikigirl..did it drop your ranking or is it ok now?

Congratulations @thereikiforest! You have achieved an #AutomaticWin, a 100% up-vote, and a re-steem from @AdventureReady! 15,763 steps before 10am and 63,865 steps by end of day is GRRRRRRRRRR-EAT!

Being intentional with your health really pays off doesn't it!? It also means that the rest of your day was officially the bonus round! How sweet is that?!

By the way! Here at @AdventureReady we believe that the more #AutomaticWin’s around the world the better all around so don't forget to tell your friends all about how you made those steps happen this morning!

💨10,000👟 + 10am⏱ = #AutomaticWin!💥🏅💥