My Actifit Report Card: September 10 2018

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My Actifitastic Journey

Start Date August 7th 2018
Current Date September 10th 2018
Consecutive Days Actifitting: 35

Target Activity Range for Today
Minimum: 25k Maximum: 60k
Actual Activity Count at time of this Report Card: 25878

My Actifit Report Card / Journal Entry

Resumed working in the forest this morning (pictures from today's work will be in tomorrow mornings #ulogacy). Started with raking/sweeping the previously "cleaned" areas, making new mini compost piles, tidying older compost piles, gathering debris for organizing/recycling. The work I was able to accomplish in the forest today afforded me just under 17k in steps/movements (I had my phone on my forearm to track my progress).

I got some stuff done inside the house and did a couple laps around the yard before heading out for a skate. My plan was to skate 5 miles at a comfortable pace to see how long it takes me and how many "steps" I accumulate (with the phone in the sportsband on my forearm). I did the 5 miles in 25 minutes and I earned about 2580 "steps" for it. Not too bad.

Tip of the Day -

Shadow Boxing is a fun form of Cardio that makes for some great exercise. It's even better if you add some dancing into the mix.

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Fellow #ACTIFITTERS - Let's Help Each Other Grow...

What are you doing to get #actifit?

I would LOVE to hear about it! I am always interested in learning about new ways to get fit & have fun doing so!

Comment Below to let me know. Share some goodness and as an expression of my gratitude I will give you an upvote :) aaaand drop a link below to your most recent report card so I can swing by & show some support & cheer you on <333

That's all for now, Friends & FAM.
I appreciate your passing through for a quick visit.
As All-Ways, Thank You for Being YOU!!!

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Love, April


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