My Actifit Report Card: August 20 2018

in actifit •  3 months ago

My Monday actifit report is getting to be a regular thing, I made it to my 8000 steps just by doing my daily routine at work.

I needed 2000 more steps to get to the 10, 000 steps for my minimum Monday goal.

Last week I went and took a walk on the beach to reach my goal, this week I decided to cut the backyard. The yard had gotten kind of long and overgrown so I thought today would be a great opportunity to make up for those lost steps.

Daily Activity


How many steps did you do today?

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Yeah I get a lot of steps in mowing my lawn.

I did 11000 steps yesterday, 10,000 is my target minimum


I only get that many on Monday's, my busy day. It seems like they turned down the sensitivity, it's getting harder to hit 10,000 or is it just me?

Hi @tbnfl4sun. Good going again. Those tokens have really got to you. Monday seems a good day for you for banking them. It sets the trend for the rest of the week. Keep meaning to get the app and must this week.


Thanks @cryptoandcoffee, I have a ton of diffrent tokens between air drops, air grabs (the new thing) and new smt's that I can barely keep up with all of them! Glad your getting the app, It is one of my favorites and I think it has legs!

I did 11752 steps. I always try to reach 10K. But there are days it is not possible.


That is great, It is hard to do it all the time, I agree!

excellent report!

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