My Actifit Report Card: November 1 2019

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No power so plans changed

I was planning to be working from home this morning on a couple of things, and getting some things done also around the house, but I got woken by my wife at about 2am this morning by my wife saying there was a big bang and that we had no power, which was a first for us in all the storms we have had here, and in fact from speaking to some others in our complex the first time that power has ever been lost here, si Am not complaining we have been lucky.
By around 10AM I was checking for updates from the power company and they were indicating power would be restored after midnight tonight and it was getting a bit cool in the house so we decided, why not give ourselves a treat and head to Mohegan Sun Casino for the night, which I went and booked, then as we were getting ready the power came back on, but we decided we would to go anyway
And spend some time there anyways

So my Post tonight will be short as today has been focused on spending time with my wife and exploring the Casino so also I will not be commenting much either but when we get back I will play catch up

In case you are wondering I prepared this portion of the post while my wife was having a shower, will add a couple of photos tonight from in the casino before sharing this post.
Before I hit the road let me add a couple of previous photos to start the post

Someone in the complex suggested maybe lightning hit a transformer, I do not have any lightning shots but how about fireworks which is what I imagine it could look like when a transformer blows

St marys fireworks10.jpg

Sony A7iii 34mm F8 4 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

These shots were taken literally right outside my front door a while back, the St Marys Church and school holds an Annual carnival, and have fireworks on the Saturday night of the carnival, I had forgotten it was on that night and was just heading to bed when they started I grabbed my camera and tripod and my wife and I popped outside to watch them and I got a few shots

St marys Fireworks11.jpg

Sony A7iii 41mm F8 1/6 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

And prior to posting this, I added a few shots around the casino, sorry just photos I won't say much about them


iPhone XS
Click here to view larger


iPhone XS
Click here to view larger


iPhone XS
Click here to view larger

And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.


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I am not !DERANGED but I do give some away...

Maybe the Casino plan was even better than the plan you had before 😉
Your night at the Casino with your wife was good and I hope, you have won some money 😊

These fireworks photos are cool and the casino looks luxurious and modern.

Funny thing is that you're posting fireworks photos, and someone near us has been firing a fireworks last night, which was probably by mistake, because it has been popping for about five minutes some time quite after midnight. I still don't know, why this has happened and who has done it.

I don't have any information about this new !DERANGED token yet

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Deranged is fairly new just started a couple of days ago I think, since some call me deranged i had to get on board with it LOL

When people let fireworks off at that time here its so annoying and seldom a mistake just stupidity LOL


Here it must have been a mistake, because it never happens, apart from December 31 :)

That's another nice token, and since you can give only 1 per 5 tokens you own, you have to think, to whom you give it :)

It's easier with the !BEER if it works 😉

Here its the 4th of JUly New Years, sometimes thanks giving, and people get carried away a week or two before through and after each of those date, p[eople have too much money clearly lOL


Apart from New Year there are no special days, on which there are fireworks. Of course there are some parties and events at the lake in Summer, where they have fireworks.
Yes, I also wonder, how so many people have no money, but at New Year they buy fireworks like crazy.


Especially by the beaches here they have them at random times through the year as well, I dont mind the big organized ones so much but some people are crazy with them


Hello my friend :)
Here the use of fireworks is regulated by law. Some you are even not allowed to buy nor use. You have to have a special license for them. This is, why we don't have so much of them here, and private people rerely shoot fireworks, apart from New Year.

The @beerlover is delivering !BEER again 👍🙂

Some states here are the same, I know of friends who drive a short drive to the next state to buy them because they cant buy them in the state they live
I persoanlly wish they were regulated everywhere, when i worked on the ambulance decades ago I saw some terrible injuries caused mostly by stupidity


Hey @johannpiber, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

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Oh nice @tattoodedjay I'm a total sucker for fireworks !! =)


Thanks and thanks for the deranged ;)

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Hope you both had a lovely time :)

Ohh we did , she has been stuck in the house for too long so enjoyed being out and about :)

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Love these pictures :-)

Thanks so much Cheers and !BEER

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I'm glad you got your power back before you lost any food in the fridge,
But I'm glad y'all got some time in that casino, very interesting
Decor JJ @tattoodjay. You must have uploaded that
Last shot straight from your phone, it's sideways.

Yes they were from my phone, and I didnt notice it was sideways

we were lucky for sure :)

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This information is, what I wanted to know and haven't found anywhere, thank you 😉

You could have asked me too 😉
Are you looking to accumulate some !DERANGED coins?🙃😜🙃

I could have, but most times I try to find out things myself before I ask, sorry and thank you very much 😉

Since the latest hardford I am trying to find things like the !BEER which I can give to my commenters instead of worthless upvotes on comments, and this token seems to be such a thing 🙂
The !COFFEEA10 (last time it worked with a number added to !COFFEEA ) token is nice too, but it does not work often like the beer token at the moment, I think.

I have already ordered a few of these tokens, but I have got only one yet, so I have to wait for the rest to be able to give this token to others.

Seems we're looking for the same 😁
Thanks for the coffee btw... I didn't buy those before because they indeed don't work all the time.
I bought some deranged because I think it will be a stable value, not a lot on the market, and I will use it for a selected public... those who make good use of it and don't sell as soon as they receive one...
BTW, have 1 more !DERANGED 😉

EDIT: you could also use the CC tag to reward your commenters...

Thank you very much, I feel honored 🙂

No, I don't sell the tokens - most are not worth the effort, and some I want to keep, because I can give away some to others like the !BEER or upvote posts with my PHOTO or CCC account in addition to or instead of my Steem vote :)
Soon I will be able to give the deranged token too, but I think, I will use it like you do and give this token only to people who are worth it and who take care about their tokens.

Wish you a nice Saturday 🙂

Oops, SteemReply didn't show me the edited reply.
I am already using the cc tag since a few days ;)

BTW @tattoodjay, sorry we hijacked your post with our discussion. But you know, it's for a good cause 😉

... and you will get these tokens too, JJ, as soon as I have 5 of them in my wallet 😉
In the meanwhile I can give only !BEER

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Very nice! It looks like an awesome place to visit. That company owns several locations across the country don't they? The name seems really familiar.

I think thereis only the one casino owned or called Mohegan Sun but i could be wrong i often am LOL

@tattoodjay a few months ago I was awakened by a loud boom and our yard was bright red, we lost power. Glad you got it back so when you return your house will be warm. I hope you and your wife have a great time.

Thanks, we were very lucky, had a good time and now back and nice and warm :)