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RE: Actifit App | Rewarding Fitness Activity with Tokens & Steemit Upvotes (FAQs)

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Useful basic information. I hope that the project will not die and it will grow and afit tokens will gain value. It is a pity that such a possibility of earning physical activity appeared only now when I am 35 years old at the back of the neck. I practice a lot and regularly for 17 years, during this time with the application I would be already financially free :) A year ago I was thinking about doing kilometercoin project where you would earn for kilometers traveled in training :) however the idea was over because it overwhelmed my creative abilities . I am therefore glad that someone else came up with this idea and we can all participate in it. Greetings to all sports-minded positive people :)


It is great to have you with us, welcome to actifit!

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