My Actifit Report Card: September 9 2018

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I've had people suggesting I try @actifit. The app seems fairly simple in that it just counts steps. You can then create a post each day. You have to copy in your posting key. It should really use Steemconnect.

These steps are from a 10km run this morning. I'm going to try editing this post on Steemit to add a screenshot of my stats. As the app doesn't seem to allow that.


This was a pretty good run for me. I heard rain as I lay in bed, but it was dry when I got out there. Everything was feeling good and I managed to keep up the pace. I'm happy to have a better time as I'm doing a 10km event in a few weeks.

Run free!

187 cm
76 kg
Body Fat

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Wow so many actifit posts today. Interesting

Now I've had Actifit on my phone for three days and this post cleared things up a bit for me. I have not posted anything on steemit yet because I don't really see any value of just adding stats to a post (I'm a sucker for a descriptive photo), but now I'll try to edit the post on my computer afterwards. Thanks! And keep on running :)

Congrats! You just reached level 5 milestone via using Actifit fitness tracker and provided Proof of Activity!
You accordingly gained 80 Actifit tokens for attaining 9911 steps!
You also received an 3.38% upvote via @actifit account.

This App was probably built for people like you... 9000+ steps in a day is phenomenal when you consider the average.


If there was an app for number of mouse clicks or keyboard taps a day :p


That's just from an hour of running. I can easily do 8000 on a work day from walking, but I'm not sure if I'll be posting from the app every day as it would fill up my feed.

Can the tracker grab activities from other apps? I track using fitbit as it means I don't have to walk around with my phone on me all the time.


I don't think it does. I have several fitness apps on my phone. There's Google Fit and my MiiBand app that share data. Then there's Endomondo that I use for runs. Actifit doesn't seem to talk to those yet

Yes, you are right about steemconnect rather than copying the posting key. I thought that was part of the point of dApps - one login across everything.
It would be good to edit in actifit itself rather than having to post and then edit. The other thing would be the option to post a weekly summary rather every day.

I'm also using @actifit since yesterday!!!
However the iOS versions still has some issues to be solved...
Definetly, editing the actifit card with steemit is a good option to add more stats and pics.
Well done!


Cheers. I see it as a bit limited for my needs for now. I do like to support such projects as they should improve and maybe can replace the current ones eventually


Me too. This kind of projects deserve to be supported. Also I want to see how it evolves with the SMT launching

Glad to see you giving Actifit a test @steevc! Impressive results as well.
Our plans are to add a lot more capabilities to Actifit, so allow for instance image upload, distance tracking and further stats, to list a few :)


That's good to hear. I'm accumulating fitness apps on my phone with Google Fit, Mii Fit and Endomondo as well as Actifit. If you can compete with those on features then you will have a winning product.


Thank you!
If you have any specific suggestions/ideas, we are always more than happy to hear them. We would love to have you on Actifit discord !

No need to be a masochist to run well... but a bit of pain could make you stronger. ;)

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I understand the appeal of apps like this and products like Fitbit, to a point.

But I can’t get past the tracking aspect in an ever increasing world of lost privacy.

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You can choose if you want to share such data if you want the stats. I guess it could be possible to create some that don't share anything.

Doing well. ;-)

Your running has come a long way over the last year. :-)

And there is way more to come ;-)

You made an amazing content my dear friend would love to see more post from you. Greetings from @ayahlistic


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Very cool. I have seen people posting with Actifit, but I hadn't gotten around to really checking it out yet. I also didn't realize they had actually made an app. If it continues to get big, I am sure they will add Steemconnect support. It is exciting all of the new add-ons for Steemit that are coming out lately!

The Actifit goes well with your running posts, you don't do them so often so it would be good to combine them I suppose. If only I could run, I'm scared to try again after my recent misfortunes.